This Sushi Soap Set Is For Fans Who Can’t Get Enough

Do you know someone who is addicted to sushi? Or do you find yourself having uncontrollable cravings for this delectable Japanese cuisine at times? If yes then we’ve found the most ideal gift you could give to your sushi-loving friends or to yourself – this yummy-looking sushi soap set. Fragrant glycerin soap in the shape of four appetizing dishes including a spicy tuna roll, shrimp nigiri, tuna nigiri and salmon roe. These soaps look exactly like the real thing so you won’t be able to stop yourself from craving these mouth-watering dishes. Now, read on while we take a short drive to the nearest sushi restaurant.

No matter how realistic they look, these soaps definitely don’t taste as nearly as good as the real thing. The set includes 4 pieces of sushi complete with pickled ginger and wasabi, which are essential parts of a sushi meal. So, that makes 6 pieces all in all. Each piece is scented in ginger fizz, a refreshing fragrance characterized by a woody sweet smell with a fresh citrus blend of blood orange and lime. To make it look more realistic, each scented piece is the same size as the actual sushi.


Sushi Soap Set

sushi soap set

The soap set comes served in a real takeout container complete with baran grass, a ribbon and tag. So, no need for additional gift-wrapping. Just place your order and specify the address of the recipient when you checkout. And they’ll receive the item already packed in a gift-ready box. You can also opt to add a pair of chopsticks to go with your takeout box. The set weighs approximately 7 ounces. One happy buyer wrote:

“Fantastic! Smelled amazing and realistic enough to make my mother concerned that I had lost my mind and left sushi in my bathroom!”

sushi soap set realistic


bento box glycerin soaps with chopsticks

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sushi soap set real tray

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Source: Etsy