De-Clutter Your Fridge With The “Zip n Store” Slide-Out Organizer

Space-saving solutions have become the standard of modern living. This is why we always get excited to feature cleverly-designed space-saving pieces of furniture to help you maximize small spaces. But today, we’ve found a very handy solution to take your fridge space from chaotic to clutter-free. The Zip n Store is a practical organizer designed to hold and store Ziploc bags in one place. This simple device features a slide-out design to provide quick and easy access to packed food items and leftovers in your refrigerator with ease.

The Zip n Store has 20 slots for holding individual Ziploc bags. No tools required for installation, simply the peel off the protective sheet and stick the self-adhesive organizer to the underside of your refrigerator shelf. Pull the handle in the front to slide out and push to slide back in. The slots are designed to hold the strips of plastic on top of the resealable bag that interlock together to close. Just slide the bags right into the slots and it should keep them in place, making them easily accessible for everyone. It can hold up to 35 pounds of packed food or other items.


This Refrigerator Organizer Helps You Access And Organize Ziploc Bags Easily

ziploc bags organizer

The Zip n Store comes in full-size and mid-size for large and medium Ziploc bags. With this easily-accessible organizer, you can easily see everything and collect anything in the fridge to avoid bagged leftovers from getting lodged into the back corner of the shelves, only to be forgotten and be wasted. It doesn’t only help you store and access foods easily but it also saves your money by reducing waste.

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zip n store refrigerator organizer


zip n store refrigetator ziploc bags organizer


zip n store ziploc bags organizer


zip n store ziploc bags holder

This versatile Ziploc bag organizer can also be used in the pantry, cabinet, garage, and craft room. Mount it to the bottom of the divider and let it provide one convenient solution for all your storage needs. One satisfied buyer wrote:

“This thing is great! It’s saving me a lot of space in the cabinets and money on stuff that probably would go stale otherwise. It comes with very strong adhesive strips to attach it and also screws if you want to go that route.”

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zip n store easy store organizer


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zip n store pantry ziploc bags organizer


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zip n store pantry cabinet before and after

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