There’s A Range Of Outlaw Soaps That Make You Smell Like Tobacco, Gunpowder, Campfire And Whiskey

Who doesn’t love to smell great? But what is actually your own definition of a great smell? If you love the smell of the outdoors then this manly soap might be the thing for you. Men and women have different preferences when it comes to scent. While men mostly prefer musky and woody scents, most women tend to like the smell of sweet, floral scents. There are also those who favor other scents such as fruity, citrusy, oceanic, and spicy. Everyone has their own choice of scents. But did you know that some men find the smell of campfire, gunpowder, and whiskey so irresistible? This is why American soap manufacturing company Outlaw Soaps created a manly soap that will make them smell like their favorite things. Introducing the Fire In The Hole soap, the first of its kind soap that will transport your senses to the outdoors.

outlaw soaps fire in the hole bar soap

If you’ve experienced the cowboy life, you’ve probably been used to the smell of campfires, gunpowder, and of course, whiskey. Chances are you’re wishing to take this experience with you wherever you go. Now you can feel the sensation of living in the outdoors while you’re in the bathroom with this manly soap. Its unique scent will make you feel as if you’re throwing fireworks into campfires while drinking whiskey. Of course, the cowboy experience is not complete without the smell of bacon, sagebrush, and dirt. Well, guess what? The Fire In The Hole soap also includes the scents of those things into one amazing bar.

outlaw soaps manly soap fire in the hole


outlaw soaps fire in the hole gunpowder campfire whiskey sagebush dirt


outlaw soaps fire in the hole explosively awesome

So, this manly soap may please our sense of smell. But how about its benefits on the skin?  These soaps are formulated with an all-natural blend of coconut oil, avocado oil, castor oil, and olive oil to leave skin feeling soft and healthy. It also uses distilled water and sodium hydroxide to cleanse away dirt and grime from the skin. Moreover, it features a fancy, colorful design that is pleasing to the eyes. One satisfied buyer wrote:

“I bought this soap on a whim for my brother for Christmas. The description of the scent intrigued me, and he’s into “manly” scents so I thought I’d try this out. [It] turns out he loved the soap right out of the package and loved it even more after a shower! I can only speak to the brief whiffs I could get of the bar before I gift wrapped it, but I would say that the name of the soap describes it perfectly – an earthy, outdoorsy, smoky scent, like the way your clothes smell after you come inside from spending a dewy spring night around a bonfire.”

outlaw soaps manly soap fire in the hole gunpowder campfire whiskey


outlaw soaps manly soap fire in the hole colorful design


outlaw soaps manly soap scents

Get this unique manly soap here in a pack of 2 and experience an explosively awesome bath time.

The Fire In The Hole also comes in a body wash for those who prefer the liquid soap form.

outlaw soaps fire in the hole body wash

Aside from the Fire In The Hole, Outlaw Soaps also offers other manly scents. These include the Blazing Saddles (leather, gunpowder, sandalwood and sagebush)

outlaw soaps manly soap blazing saddles

Mountain Hideout (trail dirt and campfire)

outlaw soaps manly soap mountain hideout

Hair Of The Dog (whiskey, tobacco, and coffee)

outlaw soaps manly soap hair of the dog

Lust In The Dust (sagebush and sandalwood).

outlaw soaps manly soap lust in the dust

Get them all here.