This Organic Calendula Bath Bomb Has Real Flowers Infused Inside

Bath bombs have turned ordinary baths into a joyful spa experience. We’ve previously featured awesome bath bombs including the Pennywise and the Shark Attack which are obviously on the scary side. But if you want a soothing soak without the terrifying sight then this organic calendula bath bomb might be the one right up your alley.

This organic bath bomb doesn’t only smell like flowers, it actually contains real flowers to liven up your bath. It has real calendula flowers and rose petals sourced from a USDA certified organic medicinal herb farm in North Carolina. These sunny yellow flowers are known for their healing benefits to the skin. The flower’s antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties effectively help heal wounds, sooth eczema and treat acne. Pairing these herbs with sea salt can speed up the healing process while providing protection against acne-causing bacteria. Moreover, the nutrients found in these flowers can increase collagen production that can help slow premature aging and wrinkles.


Organic Calendula Bath Bomb With Real Flowers

organic calendula bath bomb

In addition to the flowers, this organic bath bomb also contains important ingredients that are also beneficial to the skin. It has baking soda and nitric acid which when combined can make a very gentle cleansing agent. And the addition of kaolin clay helps clean away impurities from the skin. It also contains organic colloidal oatmeal to help remove excess oil and dead skin cells for gentle exfoliation. And its cocoa butter content hydrates and nourishes the skin while holding in moisture to improve elasticity.

organic flowers bathbomb


calendula bath bomb with real flowers

Of course, its aromatic scent is as equally important as its cleansing and moisturizing properties. This organic bath bomb is infused with lavender and geranium essential oils to help promote calmness and wellness. Luxuriate in your very own spa as you watch it fizz and do wonders on your skin. Then lay down and pamper your senses with its aromatic fragrance. Let the yellow flowers and rose petals float as you soak and live in the moment.

calendula and rose petals bath bomb


flowerr bathbomb spa experience

The bath bomb is available in regular (2.5 inches) and extra large (3 inches) sizes. One satisfied customer wrote:

“Absolutely love this bath bomb! So pretty before and after hitting the water, the smell is so amazing and relaxing! I bought four more and can’t wait to share them with my loved ones! Will definitely be a staple in my bath time self care routine.”

bathbomb with real flowers


bathbomb with organic flowers


calendula bath bomb with rose petals

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Source: Etsy