Bacon Soap

Everybody loves waking up to the sweet smell of bacon wafting in from the kitchen bathroom.. This bacon soap even has its own classy tin so you can keep that bacon smell with you all day!

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  1. Carolyn Walker

    Dale Calhoun – I will buy this for Olivia Smith, she will smell like bacon all the time LOL.

  2. Dale Calhoun

    Lol, that is so awesome. She needs this.

  3. Olivia Smith

    OMG………… lol

  4. Wezli Turnipseed

    Ginny McGee – this is for you, my lil' piglet love~.

  5. Wezli Turnipseed

    Ginny Mcgee

  6. Christopher A. Catherman


  7. Love Summer Amador

    Mikey Dawson Kassandra Perez 🙂 🙂

  8. Kassandra Perez

    Love Summer Amador, for some reason it don't actually tag me, but I fortunately just saw this haha. And this is definitely… Interesting… Hahaha

  9. Love Summer Amador

    Kassandra Perez how funny but hey so long as you saw it… Man if it works be pretty crazy… You'd probably have every bacon loving guy after you… Who knows… 😉

  10. Michelle Clark Robertson

    Jenny Varuska

  11. Mithkeya Carter

    why was there bacon in the soap.

  12. Susan Blount

    Here you go Chris Rain!!!!! ! You said the bacon wars were on!!!!!!! Lol

  13. Tanya Lord

    Coley!!!! Uneed this;!!

  14. Becky Lynn Fuller


  15. Taylor J. Keith

    :') the heavens have visited <3.

  16. Lori Hansen Quinton

    Braeden – Rub some bacon on it.

  17. Rachel Reed-Hatch

    Jason Hatch

  18. Rachel Reed-Hatch

    Jason Hatch

  19. Miryam Bravo

    Brenda Lugo there's your b-day present! Lol

  20. Miryam Bravo

    Brenda Lugo

  21. Susan Grandmaison Desjardins

    Rachel, Mr Drew is trying desperately to respond to your Facebook email but cannot. I am his wife, Susan Desjardins, he asked me to try and reach you directly. You can call him at 207-576-1690 or
    [email protected]

  22. Susan Grandmaison Desjardins

    His direct cell is 576-1034

  23. Rachel Reed-Hatch

    Susan Grandmaison Desjardins I will contact him! Thank you! 🙂

  24. Simon Franklyne


  25. Terry Clark

    Free to all mosques in the UK

  26. Terry Clark

    Free to all mosques in the UK

  27. Ross Martin


  28. Ross Martin


  29. Robin Harris

    This has been added to my Christmas list.

  30. Sheridan Hope Bradley

    One for you Donna Stolzenberg!

  31. Veronica Gangnier

    Gregory Zimmerman….and they have bacon band-aids for those 'hard to reach tender spots!" LOL

  32. Troy Dunkley

    An excellent gift for your local police station.

  33. Gus Riker


  34. Rhonda Michelle Williams McCloud

    Bacon soap???? I guess if you really want him to eat you up this is the way to go…. NOT…. I wish I would????!!!! Crazy!!!

  35. Bob O’Brien

    This is just too perfect!

  36. Kate Dranfield

    This is a really good gift for a vegetarian. So they know what they're missing.

  37. Spike Rawling

    lol i wants it i wants the precious

  38. Chastity Marie Embick


  39. Paul Jones

    Bobby steinc

  40. Leslie Neal Hoffner

    Nikki Wyatt this is for you!!

  41. David Andreas

    Hell Yeah!!!

  42. David Andreas

    Hell Yeah!!!

  43. Dawn Gueldenzoph


  44. Wanda Nischke

    Could I trust you not to eat it Katie?

  45. Wanda Nischke

    Katie this one is for you.

  46. Laura Hutchings Baker


  47. Paulina Kibria

    This is why America is so god damn fat and lazy.

  48. Sabine Sieker

    Now we know why Martin's shirt smelled of bacon. It must have been this soap and not Douglas' s fault. 😀

  49. Sabine Sieker

    Now we know why Martin's shirt smelled of bacon. It must have been this soap and not Douglas' s fault. 😀

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