Glide Across The Pool On This Peacock Float Like The Queen You Are

Claim your throne on the water with this majestic peacock pool float. When it comes to choosing an inflatable pool float, comfort always comes to mind first. But in these days when Instagram and social media make the world go round, the ‘look’ has become an essential factor in choosing a product. If it’s not stunning enough to catch everyone’s attention then it’s not good. So if you’re looking for an inflatable lounger that will make you stand out, both on the water and on social media, then go for the one with an awe-inspiring design.

You can never go wrong with this peacock pool float as it is both comfortable and spectacular. This head-turner comes in the shape of the glorious bird in all its grandeur. Ride and lounge on its back as you show off its impressive plumage in vibrant blue and green colors. Gently drift on the pool or lake as you dazzle everyone around with all of its beauty and opulence.


Peacock Pool Float

peacock pool float

The inflatable peacock pool float has quick release valves for fast inflation/deflation with an air pump (not included). When fully inflated, it measures 66 inches x 62 inches x 48 inches which is big enough to comfortably fit two adults or three kids at a time. In addition to its spectacular plumed tail backrest, this giant inflatable lounger also flaunts a pair of elaborately plumed wings. It also has built-in handles on both sides of its long neck to provide stability and support.

inflatable giant bird lounger


inflatable bird lounger


giant bird-shaped inflatable lounger


peacock pool float plumage backrest

Its unique graphic design is guaranteed to give you the best selfies. But how about its value as a reliable inflatable lounger? This gorgeous-looking peacock pool float is made with durable and thick raft material which is resistant to harmful UV, fade, and tear. So it’s not only very pleasing to look at. You can ensure that this high-quality inflatable will last for years to keep you lounging in comfort and style summer after summer after summer. One satisfied buyer wrote:


“It can really fit two people and the back feathers act as a pillow. Plus the pictures are truly Instagram worthy for all of those concerned with the social media aspect. Best impulse purchase I’ve made. Life is short – buy the peacock float!”

giant peacock pool float


giant bird lounger inflatable


peacock pool float inflatable


majestic giant bird inflatable raft


inflatable peacock pool float

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