30 “I’m This Old” Tweets That Are A Blast From The Past For 90’s Kids

Let’s keep the nostalgia alive for all 90s kids out there. Remember when Walkman players, Nokia phones, Nintendo gameboy consoles, Tamagotchi and Internet Explorer were all the rage? All these stuff may be considered ‘things of the past’ now. And it’s just a matter of time before they can be called ‘relics’. But seeing these things can really tug at millennials’ heartstrings. The fun memories of childhood where everything is just fun and games. And yes, those times when the internet wasn’t as toxic as it is today.

With all the current technological advancements and the reign of social media, we millennials can’t help but look back at what we had during our times. Sure, we had MySpace and CDs back then. But we’ve got to admit that these don’t hold a candle to Facebook and mp3. What we had back then may be inferior compared to what the ‘digital natives’ are having now. But nothing compares to the excitement and thrill of having to collect hundreds of CDs to create a music playlist. Or having to click the number 7 button four times on your phone’s keypad just to type the letter ‘S’. For us millennials, these objects really bring back memories that make us say ‘those were the good old days.’


Old-School Items That Will Keep The Nostalgia Alive For 90’s Kids

nostalgia 90s things water ring toss

To bring all millennials down memory lane, someone started the I’m This Old Twitter thread. Anyone born from 1980 to 1994 (aka millennials) are welcome to share the things they had in the 90s. As expected, the Twitter thread blew up in an instant and the photos really had the Generation Z in confusion. Of course, these young’uns don’t have any clue what these 90s objects were for. But for us millennials, these photos will make us feel nostalgic as well as be a reminder of how ‘old’ we actually are.

So, let’s confuse the ‘digital natives’ with these old-school treasures. We’ve picked out some of the best tweets from the thread to give you the much-needed memories of childhood. And don’t forget to share your favorite item from the 90s too.

nostalgia 90s things overhead projector


i am this old tweet cd bag


i am this old tweet attendance sheet


nostalgia 90s things minesweeper


i am this old tweet 90s things


i am this old tweet car cassete player


nostalgia 90s things disney cd collection


i am this old tweet tin can phones


nostalgia 90s things vhs titanic movie


i am this old tweet etch a sketch


nostalgia 90s things car cassete adaptor


nostalgia 90s things computer switch


i am this old tweet laser pointer


nostalgia 90s things chewing gum shock prank


i am this old tweet lite brite


i am this old tweet vhs tapes


nostalgia 90s things pokemon cards snack freebies


i am this old tweet tetherball


nostalgia 90s things snap bracelets


i am this old tweet old-school things


i am this old tweet fun snaps


i am this old tweet tin sky dancers toys


i am this old tweet idogs


nostalgia 90s things juice bars


nostalgia 90s things anti-cheat wall


i am this old tweet crt monitors


nostalgia 90s things


i am this old tweet skip it


i am this old tweet glow pen