18 Pairs Of Shoes From The 90s’ That Bring Back So Many Good And Bad Memories

Going back to the 90s‘, there certainly were some odd shoe designs floating around. Some popular, while others not so much. The chances are though, if you were walking around day to day back then, I’m sure you were wearing at least one of these styles below.

We wish some of these would make a grand return to store shelves but fashion has advanced so much, these seem to be memes now. You can however, still buy some of these from niche outlets online. We have found a lot of them for you to make that choice. Perhaps, get a pair just to potter around the house? Or brave it out in public and see if you can get them trending again? Maybe a 90s‘ party coming up and these will fit the bill.

1. Sugar Floaties


sugar floaties shoe nostalgia

You’ve had sugar floaties, didn’t you? And, who could forget how squishy those were?

2. Jelly Sandals

jelly sandals shoe nostalgia

Those jellies were pretty cool. And yet, we could not ignore the fact that they could be full of sweat after just one hour! Get yours here.

3. Laundry Flip-Flops, Chinese-Style

chinese laundry flip-flops shoe nostalgia

With the same lining as a woven-straw beach mat, these flip-flops were pretty cool. Still, you don’t have any idea why — until now.

4. Mesh Slippers

mesh slippers shoe nostalgia

Back then in Junior High, your hallway would have been filled with an ocean of assorted, rainbow slippers.
Get yours here.

5. Doc Martens Sandals

doc martens sandals shoe nostalgia

These sandals seemed to be everything. You probably loved yours a lot and held on to them until they smelled too bad your mom had to warn you to throw them away! Get yours here.

6. Steve Madden Slip-Ons

steve madden slip-ons shoe nostalgia

While they look a little harmless, these shoes sounded too loud when you were trying to walk in them. With stretchy elastic straps, these slip-on would slap the bottom of your feet. Still, they looked great whenever you pair them with capri pants and a bandana on your hair.

7. Voodoo Flip-Flops By Sanuk

sanuk voodoo flip-flops shoe nostalgia

You tried to convince yourself that these were comfy just because they had a rubbery and spongy feel. The truth, though, is that they truly annoyed you.

8. Adidas Shower Shoes

plastic packaging alternative soapack mi zhou

Who could ever forget spotting every sporty-looking girl trying to pull it off with a pair of these!

9. Platform Rainbow Flip-Flops by Rocket Dog

rocket dog platform rainbow flip-flops shoe nostalgia

Do you remember the last time some footwear was described as “rainbow platforms”? Get yours here.

10. Mudd Holographic Sandal Heels

mudd holographic sandal heels

Weren’t holographic stuff the coolest back then? These looked like they’re from Romy and Michele’s High School Reunion!

11. Platform Flip-Flops With Fur Straps

platform flip-flops with fur straps shoe nostalgia

All the cool girl stores at the malls probably have this footwear. It’s just that your mom didn’t let you buy them! So, you just settled for those with only one or two inches. Too bad, right?

12. Birkenstock Clogs

birkenstock clogs shoe nostalgia

Any guy or girl can pull off wearing these. You’ve probably worn them, too, pretending they went well with any top you’re putting on.

13. Candie’s Wooden Heels

candie's wooden heels shoe nostalgia

These were popular, and so they were quite dangerous to walk in. They’re like bad boys, letting you slip and fall more than a few times! Get yours here.

14. L.E.I. Velcro Platform Sneakers

LEI Velcro Platform Sneakers shoe nostalgia

If you’ve watched The Lizzie McGuire Movie, you’ve probably spotted Hilary Duff wearing these platform sneakers on the movie’s cover. That is, if you owned a DVD or at least a tape. If you’re such a fan, you probably needed the thing, too. Get yours here.

15. Skechers Platforms

skechers platforms shoe nostalgia

Of course, Skechers. Get yours here.

16. Unlisted Strappy Heels

unlisted strappy heels shoe nostalgia

Probably not in pink like this. But, you did own one of them in black. You also wore them to your seventh-grade dance! Get yours here.

17. Chunky Platform Loafers

chunky platform loafers shoe nostalgia

If you watched “Friends” back then, you indeed spotted Rachel wearing shoes like this. Then, you would have immediately told yourself to have these in every color possible, that is when you reach 20. Get yours here.

18. M.I.A. Chunky Sandals

MIA chunky sandals shoe nostalgia

So, why did they even make footwear like this back then? You could leave black scuff marks on your P.E. floor. Plus, some pea-sized gravel could also find itself stuck in these sandals’ bottom! Get yours here.