You Can Now Get Tamagotchi Mugs That Change Color When Reacting To Heat

Calling the attention of all ’90s kids! You can now get a Tamagotchi Mug that will bring back all the nostalgic feels every coffee break. It’s 2020 and everyone’s eyes are glued to the screen of their smartphones without a care in the world. With the modern mobile technology, people can now live in a virtual world of their own. Inside the tiny screen of their iPhones or Android phones, they can create a virtual environment, interact with virtual friends, play the role of a virtual character and foster a virtual pet.

We kids in the ‘90s also had the same luxury of taking good care of a virtual pet. In case you didn’t know, there was a worldwide craze in 1997 where everyone got hooked on taking care of a handheld digital pet called Tamagotchi. It became the biggest toy fad in the ‘90s. But of course, the coming of modern computer games and mobile games pushed the monochrome virtual pet downhill. And the iconic digital pet has become nothing but history. But for us who have the privilege to take good care of the egg-shaped pixelated pet, any lingering reminder of it truly brings back all the fond memories. Just like this mug that features a decal of the popular digital pet.


This Tamagotchi mug changes color when filled with hot liquid

tamagotchi mug

But unlike the real Tamagotchi, this coffee cup doesn’t include a digital pet that you need to nurture. So, you don’t have to worry about feeding it regularly or waking up in the middle of the night just to keep it company. It’s a just a mug with a decal featuring the handheld digital pet complete with screen and its three buttons. Although you can’t actually play with it, the mug has an interesting feature to keep your coffee break more exciting. The decal changes color with heat. When empty or when there’s a cold liquid in the mug, the decal remains blue. But it turns to yellow when you pour hot liquid into it.

tamagotchi mug with heat change effect


virtual pet game inspired coffee cup

Relive your childhood memories every morning with this mug that changes color depending on the liquid. Enjoy every sip of your morning coffee while tending Pou or Frojo on your smartphone.

Source: Amazon