30 Funny Outdated Problems That No One Has To Deal With Anymore

Listen up, Gen Z kids! If you’re wondering how life was 15 years ago then let us show you with our list of outdated problems we had to face during our time. Technology is advancing at a very rapid pace that both Gen X and millennials could hardly keep up with it. While it’s true that we did wallow in early technological advancements, it is actually the Gen Z that are considered the ‘true digital natives’.

People born from 1995 to 2010 (or Gen Z) have been exposed to the internet, mobile systems, and social networks at a very early age. While Gen X and millennials are the first people to experience these technological conveniences, the disparity between the early and the latest technology is so huge that it makes people from these generations feel overwhelmed.


Outdated Problems That Kids These Days Would Never Understand

outdated problems netflix era

Indeed, this generation is getting spoiled with modern luxuries. We had mobile phones, they have smartphones. Gen X had dial-up internet and millennials had broadband. But Gen Z has WiFi connectivity that can be accessed almost anywhere. We had video rental shops, they have Netflix. Furthermore, we didn’t have Spotify, Instagram, Uber, TikTok during our time. Looking at these finicky youngsters constantly complaining about how boring their life is, they surely don’t know the struggles we had back then. Perhaps these problems will give them a glimpse of how we dealt with these struggles 15 years ago.

outdated problems years to download

Kids these days will never understand how it feels to wait for days just to download a single file. They would never know the frustration of getting the scratches off our previous CDs. And they would never have to wait for a week to see how they look on their photos. These are only few of the problems that kids of today would never get to experience. For sure, they will realize how fortunate they are to live in an era with smartphones that can do almost anything. Not to mention the super-fast internet access they have now. We from the Gen X could only dream of these things back in the days.

outdated problems napster download

We’ve compiled some of the problems that we had to deal with 15 years ago. And as technology continues to evolve, there would come a time that all these things we’re having now will be replaced with something much better. So, enjoy all the good things you have right now while they last, kids!

old school struggles car stereo faceplate


old school struggles printed GPS


old school struggles mom number
Zenex Lee


outdated problems flip phone buttons


old school struggles phone ringtone wallpaper


outdated problems recording ringtone


old school struggles boogie board


outdated problems pre-spotify days


old school struggles anti-skip cd player


outdated problems livestrong band


old school struggles limewire download


outdated problems internet dial-up


outdated problems razor scooter


outdated problems original smart board


outdated problems film camera


outdated problems calling a girl


outdated problems call cards


old school struggles word art


old school struggles vhs tapes


old school struggles og group chat


old school struggles no front-facing camera phones


old school struggles mechanical mouse


old school struggles gameboy cartridge


old school struggles famicom