People Share Old Things From McDonald’s Restaurants That Will Give You A Nostalgic Feeling

We’re about to show you some throwback photos of McDonald’s restaurants, food and toys from the ‘80’s and ‘90’s. So, prepare to kick up your hunger pangs and feel the nostalgia at the same time. They say nothing is permanent in this world and everything constantly changes. True enough, we are a living witness as to how the iconic fast food chain has evolved through the years.

For us who got to experience McDonald’s in the ‘80s and ‘90s, it’s hard not to compare what our favorite restaurant had to offer during our time versus now. Before the restaurants had a playful building design but now the chain has embraced the modern architectural look. Not only did it change the exterior design of its buildings but also the interior as well. We’ve also seen some changes made to its PlayPlace. Shockingly, the once-popular play area has been vanishing in many McDonald’s locations. This is because kids of this era aren’t playing in them as much as we did when we were kids.


“Who Remembers When McDonald’s Playland Looked Like This? Memories…”

mcdonald's nostalgic playland

Aside from the architecture, the chain’s menu has also changed over the years.  Kids in the ‘80’s and ‘90’s were lucky enough to be present during the time when some of the restaurant’s popular menu items were first introduced. In early 1980, the chain introduced the Happy Meal featuring a red cardboard box containing a small toy included with the food.


McDonald’s Toys From 1987

happy meal toys 80s 90s

The chain also added some interesting food onto its menu during this time. There’s the McRib sandwich which was released in 1982, which was later replaced by McDLT three years later. Of course, there’s the fan-favorite Chicken McNuggets which was served internationally in 1983. We also had Baked Apple Pies in 1992 which was advertised as a healthier alternative to its previous Fried Apple Pie. In 1995, the chain introduced the McFlurries much to the delight of all dessert lovers. Some menu items from the ‘80’s and ‘90’s have been discontinued and have long been forgotten. But others have stood the test of time, including the Chicken McNuggets and the McFlurries.


“Fried Apple Pies With The Bubbly, Crispy Outside”

mcdonald's nostalgic menu fried apple pie

With the emergence of modern technological advancements, the fast food company also tried to innovate ways to make the ordering process more efficient. Traditionally, employees would take your order at the counter. With the introduction of self-service kiosks, customers can now place their orders through these machines. Furthermore, these convenient machines allow customers to take more time to browse the menu.

We’re going to take you down memory lane to show you how the iconic fast food chain was in the ‘80’s and ‘90’s. And yes, you’ll be surprised to learn that during these times, we as kids were deeply fascinated by McDonaldland commercials which featured Ronald McDonald together with his lovable gang including Grimace, Harmburglar and Mayor McCheese. Ah, those were the happy times!


“When Ronald Mcdonald Had His Own ‘Gang’ Of Fast Food Fanatics”

mcdonaldland commerical characters


Burger Seats In McDonald’s Restaurants

mcdonald's burger seats


“I See Your McDonald’s Ashtray And Raise You My McDonald’s Coke Spoons, Er, Coffee Stirrers”

coke spoons coffee stirrer


“The Floor Of Every 90s McDonald’s”

fast food restaurant 90s floor tiles


“Check Out This Awesome McDonald’s High Chair I Got At The Flea Market Today”

restaurant-inspired high chair from flea market


McDonaldLand Cookies

mcdonald's cookies


“McDonald’s seasonal happy meal buckets”

halloween happy meal spooky buckets


“Ronald Mcdonald Bench That Was Popular Around McDonald’s Establishments Until Sometime Around The Early 2000s”

ronald mcdonald bench


“McDonald’s Birthday Parties… Complete With Ash Trays On The Tables For A Good Smoke After A Happy Meal”

mcdonald's birthday parties


“Garfield Mugs”

garfield mugs


Styrofoam Containers

mcdonald's styrofoam containers


“Our Mcdonalds Hasn’t Changed Since I Was Little”

playplace through the years


“This Tray Liner From The 1990s”

fast food tray liner 1990s


“These Batman Forever Cups From Mcdonalds”

batman forever cups


“Sometimes You’d Get It At School Events Or Sports Games, Delivered In This Big Yellow Cooler”

mcdonald's big yellow cooler


“These Halloween Chicken Nugget Toys”

halloween happy meal toys


“McDonald’s Drive Thru Menu In The 80s”

mcdonald's drive-thru menu in the 80s


Teenie Beanie Babies

teenie beanie babies


McDonald’s Twist Cones

fast food chain twist cones


Mcsalad Shaker

mcsalad shaker


“Back In The Day McDonald’s Playground”

mcdonald's outside playground


“Ronald Mcdonald Hand Puppet From ’76”

ronald mcdonald hand puppet


“Tiny Toons Flip Cars”

tiny toons flip cars


90s Mcdonald’s Plates

90s mcdonald's plates disney hercules


“These old amber glass ashtrays that everyone had (including McDonald’s!)”

old amber glass ashtrays


Birthday Parties In McDonald’s Restaurants

birthday parties at mcdonald's


“Happy Meal Transformers. When Mcdonald’s Was Considered A Treat. Thanks Mom!”

happy meal transformers toys


“Did Any One Else Collect The “Disney Video Masterpiece” Toys From Mcdonald’s?”

mcdonald's disney video masterpiece


“These Were The Golden Tickets Of Trick Or Treating”

fast food chain halloween gift certificate


Dinosaur Hand Puppets

mcdonald's dinosaur hand puppets


“Does Anybody Remember When Walmart Had Mcdonald’s And The Ronald Mcdonald Bench?”

ronald bench at walmart


McDonald’s Playground

playground outside fast food restaurant


“McDonald’s Back In The Day Had More Charm”

nostalgic window decal fast food


“Fisher Price Play Toys”

fisher price fast food play toys


“Mickey Mouse Glasses”

mcdonald's disney mickey mouse glasses


“Those Food-Shaped Chairs From The Kids Playrooms In The Mid 90s”

food-shaped chairs kids playroom


“Super Mario Bros. 3 Happy Meal”

happy meal box super mario 3