Father Creates A Magical Book With 20 Endings To Teach His Child What’s Important In Life


Bulgarian father Nikola Raykov has an incredibly lucky son. You see, Nikola was thinking of a way in which to teach his boy that we are solely responsible for every choice we make. He hit upon the idea of writing a book, but not just any normal book, one in which the reader can make their own choices to create their own story! Even though the first test copy of GameTale was a little too dull color-wise, the little boy loved it more than anything and read it with his father countless times. From there, Nikola's mission changed, he wanted all children to experience the magic his son felt so he made the book downloadable for free from his website (link below). Awesome! Take a look!
Website: GameTale


The book contains 50 beautiful illustrations.


How cute are these owls? Just look at those eyes!


She looks so magical!


There are an astonishing 94 ways to read the book!


These four adventure zones were inspired by the author's son's favorite places!


What a yummy-sounding recipe!


This family made a cake which was inspired by the book.



These kids wrote their own fan fiction based on GameTale!


A teacher created her own game inspired by the book to help break the ice on the first day of school!


These people totally love the book!


Nikola is the youngest author ever to win the children's literature prize in his home country.


Being lost in a book is magical!

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