The Glowing Balls In This Nightlight Are Removable For Those Late Night Trips To The Toilet

Nightlights can be a source of comfort for kids who are scared of the dark or those who can’t sleep with the lights off. So, why not give them the coolest-looking and the handiest nightlight to make their bedtime comfortable and fun? This nifty glowing balls nightlight lamp looks like it comes straight out a sci-fi movie. It features three removable moon-like balls that your kids can take with them when they need to go to the bathroom or kitchen at night.

This is not the first time we’ve featured unique nightlights that are specifically tailored for kids. There’s the Baby Yoda night light and the Little Soup Dumpling night light that are both cute beyond words. But if you’re looking for a modernistic version for your alien-loving kids, this glowing balls nightlight lamp should do the trick. Sporting a futuristic design, it consists of 3 portable balls that can work plugged in or plugged out. The lamp has 3 elevated bases that light and recharge the removable balls when connected to a wall outlet.


Glowing Balls Nightlight Lamp

glowing balls nightlight lamp

Each portable ball lamp has a built-in battery that powers its internal LED bulb. The illuminated ball can last up to 30 minutes when taken out of its base. So, your kids can just pick up the glowing balls from the lamp and take it with them on their way to the bathroom in the middle of the night. Furthermore, the plastic balls are made without chemical compounds and have no internal electronics. So, they won’t heat up and stay cool to the touch even when the lamp is plugged in overnight. You can even tuck the illuminated balls into bed with your child without any worry.

boon glo night light with portable balls


glowing balls nightlight lamp color-changing

One of the most fascinating things about this glowing balls nightlight lamp is its multi-color feature. You can select from 6 different light colors by adjusting the sliding lever located at the main base. It also has a feature that allows the device to automatically alternate the colors slowly to give your kid’s room a spectacular light display.

boon glo night light with removable balls


glowing balls nightlight lamp removable


boon glo night light with detachable balls

The glowing balls nightlight lamp comes in a sleek white plastic finish measuring 8.6 x 7.9 x 9.5 inches and weighing 2.2 pounds. Its portable element also comes in handy for adults who struggle to find their way to the bathroom or kitchen in the dark. One satisfied buyer wrote:

“I love this. I have it set up in our living room and turn the light on before we go to bed. Then, when I wake up in the middle of the night to feed our little girl, I have a nice soft light in the room already. I love how there are so many shades to choose from.”

color-changing glowing balls nightlight lamp


boon glo removable balls soft light

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Watch the Boon Color-Changing Portable Nightlight in action on the video below

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