38 Nostalgic Photos Of McDonald’s From The 80’s And 90’s That Show How Things Have Changed

Whatever side of the world you may be on, one thing’s for sure — going to a McDonald’s restaurant was a probably big part of your childhood. In fact, aside from Disneyland, you might have even considered it as one of the happiest places on Earth back then. After all, who could ever forget about the joy of running around its colossal and colorful PlayPlaces? Or the excitement of opening a Happy Meal box and the urge to get all the toys in a collection?

Sadly, as we have grown up, we’ve eventually outgrown these childhood memories. What we once considered a happy place is now simply a quick stop to grab some burgers and fries. Apparently, even the fast-food chain itself has outgrown its playful and cheery image. Aside from restaurant makeovers, the fast-food chain has also undergone several menu revisions and recipe changes over the years.


“When Ronald McDonald had his own ‘gang’ of fast food fanatics”


McDonald’s Dinosaur Puppets


“McDonald’s fried apple pies with the bubbly, crispy outside”


“Ronald McDonald Hand Puppet from ’76”


Take a trip down memory lane with these nostalgic photos of McDonald’s restaurants from the past!


“Who remembers when McDonald’s playland looked like this? Memories…”


“McDonald’s Burger Seats”


“I see your McDonald’s ashtray and raise you my McDonald’s coke spoons, er, coffee stirrers.”


“The Floor of Every 90s McDonald’s”


“Check out this awesome McDonald’s high chair I got at the flea market today”


“McDonald’s Toys From 1987”

Indeed, there’s just no way to bring back the good old days. Nevertheless, in this post, we’ve managed to compile some photos of the fast-food chain from the glorious 80’s and 90’s. From the famous burger seats to the iconic Ronald McDonald bench, these photos will surely take you on a trip down memory lane. Keep scrolling to see how our childhood favorite fast-food chain has changed over the years!


McDonald’s Cookies


Seasonal Happy Meal Buckets


“Styrofoam McDonald’s Containers”


“Ronald McDonald bench that was popular around McDonald’s establishments until sometime around the early 2000s”


“90’s McDonald’s Plates”


“McDonald’s Birthday Parties… Complete with ash trays on the tables for a good smoke after a Happy Meal.”


“McDonald’s Garfield Mugs”


“Our McDonalds hasn’t changed since I was little”


“McDonald’s Teenie Beanie Babies”


“This McDonald’s tray liner from the 1990s”

Whether you like the fast-food chain’s new image or not, it’s undeniable that the 80’s and 90’s were its golden era. Or it might just be the nostalgia talking. Anyway, something’s telling us that you’ll get hungry as you go through our list. So, before you even read further, grab yourself your favorite McDonald’s treats now! Trust us, you’ll thank us later.


McDonald’s Drive-thru in the 80’s


“These Batman Forever cups from McDonald’s”


Large 10 Gallon McDonald’s Igloo Cooler Jug Yellow with Red Top Pull Spout


“These McDonalds Halloween chicken nugget toys”


“Back in The Day McDonald’s Playground”


“McDonald’s Twist Cones”


“McDonald’s gift certificates. They were the golden tickets of trick or treating.”


Tiny Toons Flip Cars


“These old amber glass ashtrays that everyone had (including McDonald’s!)”


“Birthday Parties at McDonald’s”


“McDonald’s Happy-meal Transformers. When McDonald’s was considered a treat. Thanks Mom!”


McDonald’s Playground


“Does anybody remember when Walmart had McDonald’s and the Ronald McDonald bench?”


“Fisher-Price McDonald’s Play Toys”


“McDonald’s back in the day had more charm”


“McDonald’s 2000 Glasses”


“Those food-shaped chairs from the McDonald’s kids playrooms in the mid 90s”


“Super Mario Bros. 3 McDonald’s Happy Meal”

Which of these throwback moments do you miss the most? Feel free to share your favorite memories about McDonald’s restaurants in the comment section below!