Russell Stover S’Mores Come In 3 Different Flavors

There may be lots of other sweet treats out there, but s’mores will always have us asking for more. They may be sticky and messy, but it’s part of the campfire classic’s charm. Back then, the gooey, chocolatey treat was a camping trip exclusive. But now we can finally have a piece of the campfire treat without the fuss with this trio of s’mores from Russell Stover! The S’Mores Bar line initially came out over 10 years ago, and after being unavailable for some time, the chocolate brand is finally bringing the S’Mores Bar Line back into circulation.

The brand smashed the s’mores game when they introduced their Giant S’Mores Bar. Then, they followed this up with their assortment of regular-sized s’mores that had fluffy marshmallows coated with milk chocolate and dark chocolate. These two flavors are back. But this time, Russel Stover’s added a new s’more with a layer of luscious caramel resting on top of the fluffy marshmallow that’s coated with the confectionery brand’s signature milk chocolate. So, if you’ve ever held off from calling s’mores a candy treat because they required assembly, these pre-assembled S’Mores Bars from the much-beloved confectionery brand may change that.

russell stover s'more bar
Russell Stover


Russell Stover is bringing back their S’More Bar line with a luscious new addition

The individually wrapped treats are back in three flavors to satisfy your sweet tooth: classic, dark chocolate and caramel. Both the classic and caramel S’mores Bars feature a fluffy marshmallow coated in milk chocolate sandwiched between two graham crackers. No further explanation is needed for the classic s’more. But, the brand described the Caramel S’More Bar as “a candy bar turned inside out”. However, if you’re sugar conscious, then a s’more wrapped in gourmet dark chocolate may be for you.

russell stover s'more bars
Russell Stover


The individually-wrapped treats are wrapped in gourmet chocolate

Each of the S’More Bars weigh 1.3 ounces apiece and is substantial enough to keep you satisfied. The concept of biting into a cold s’more may seem strange. But these unwrap-and-eat s’mores can easily convert you just like it did with its legion of fans. These treats will make a great addition to your chocolate stash at home or in the office. You can totally take these along on your camping trips to help cut your food preparation time. You can order the s’more bars directly from the confectionery’s website, Amazon, and H-E-B.

russell stover dark chocolate s'more
Russell Stover


russell stover classic s'more
Russell Stover


russell stover caramel s'more bar
Russell Stover