You Can Now Get A ‘Wore It Once’ Laundry Bag To Replace That Mountain Of Clothes In The Corner

This Wore It Once Laundry Bag is exactly what we need. After a tiring day, we all want to just take our clothes off and plop down onto the bed. However, we’ll just toss our clothes in a corner because we are too lazy to put them away. Besides, it’s not that dirty and we are likely to wear it again the next day. No big deal! But not until your mom comes and picks up your not-so-dirty clothes to throw in the wash.

Thankfully, there’s now a basket that is fully labelled to let everyone know that those clothes don’t need to be washed just yet. Genius! This laundry bag is a self-standing rectangular basket that clearly states its purpose. Essentially, it is a basket designed to contain clothes that you’ve just worn once. The label on the bag reads ‘Wore it once and I don’t wanna hang it back up.’ And that simply says it all.

wore it once laundry bag grey

The bag is made with durable grey canvas fabric and white-colored labels. It measures 16 inches long, 10 inches wide and 20 inches high. And it’s actually more than just a laundry bag. This laundry basket can also be used as a kid’s toy basket or nursery basket. It features a drawstring closure to help you store other stuff such as bathroom essentials, kitchen utensils, craft materials and much more.


So, Where Can You Get The Wore It Once Laundry Bag

This grey self-standing basket is available at Walmart stores. We also found a similar product in At Home stores but this version is available in ivory color with a circular shape.

wore it once laundry bag ivory
At Home


Unfortunately, both versions are offered in stores only. But if you want to get it online, this Etsy shop also has its own version of the laundry bag. This cotton canvas tote measures 33 inches by 24 inches featuring drawstring closure and a shoulder strap.

cotton canvas tote for not-so-dirty clothes

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