People Have Been Writing Window Signs To Talk To Neighbors About Their Cats

If there’s one positive thing that the lockdown has taught mankind, it’s probably the essence of reaching out. Apparently, people are starting to talk to their neighbors, and they’re doing it through creative window signs.

Having the privilege to stay at home during these trying times is undoubtedly a blessing. However, we could all possibly agree that it gets lonely at times too. Well, as cliché as it may sound, but windows are truly our gateway to the outside world. And this holds true now more than ever.


People in quarantine are attempting to start a conversation with their neighbors by asking questions about their pet cats


And they’re doing it by sticking signs on their window panes

Sian Cosgrove from Leeds, UK took to Twitter to share how she initiated the conversation. Obviously, talks about pets are always a great start. After all, not everyone has fur babies to keep them company at home during the quarantine.


So, Sian got the ball rolling by asking for the name of her neighbor’s cat. Using a sheet of bond paper and some highlighter pens, Sian was able to unlock a new mode of communication. She revealed that curiosity was what influenced her to make the effort.


“We saw the cat sitting in the window opposite our house pretty much every day but we didn’t know his name. There are loads of cats in the area and we know most of their names but didn’t know this cat’s name, so I asked!”


Well, you know what they say, ask and you shall receive. To Sian and her partner’s surprise, their neighbor responded to their wholesome query “within minutes.”


“I wasn’t sure they’d reply at all so it was really funny that they came back to me so fast.”



Thanks to Sian, Walter the Cat has gained himself some new friends


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Apparently, people are engaging in these wholesome conversations all over the world—from Great Britain to the United States


Who would have thought that people would actually respond to these window signs?



Well, online world, meet Bella from Number 5

Well, whether people respond to them out of boredom or goodwill, one thing’s for sure. People feel the need to connect with others now more than ever. Sure, there’s no doubt that staying at home and following social distancing measures are key to “flattening the curve.” However, these also pose the risk of social recession.


More people have been sharing the same experience online


Along with the decline in economic activity, the current crisis is also bringing about a decline in social contact. And this is greatly affecting people who are particularly vulnerable to isolation and loneliness. For instance, the elders and those with disabilities and other preexisting health conditions.







Meanwhile, here’s David Bowie




So, during these difficult times, make sure to constantly check on your family and friends as well. Likewise, it’s about time you interact with your neighbors too! Even if it’s as simple as asking for their pet’s name.

Source: Twitter