Theater Artist Nastasya Shuljak Was Given A Pack Of Wool As A Gift And Now Creates Adorable Woolen Toys

When life gives you lemons, make lemonade. So, that’s what Moscow-based artist Nastasya Shuljak did when she received a pack of wool as a gift.  She decided to make adorable wool toys out of it. This happened around 10 years ago when Nastasya was still a theater artist and art teacher. Her friends gave her a pack of wool as a New Year’s gift. At first, Nastasya was bemused but little did she know that the gift would bring out the toy maker in her.

So, she started making use of the wool by making a bear and a rabbit out of it. And just like that, she immediately fell in love with the craft. Wool is a very flexible material so there are endless design possibilities. And that’s how it all started. Inspired by nature, she began making toys in the form of small animals and adorable creatures from of her imagination.


Nastasya makes miniature sculptures entirely made of wool


So, now the artist creates miniature sculptures of hares, polar bears, foxes and other critters entirely from felted wool. They express their emotions through their tiny, cute eyes. These animals are so pleasant to look at that and they will make your smile. Nastasya saw the happiness that her toys gave to her clients. That’s why she decided to pursue a new path and become a toy designer.

“I also saw little sparks in my client’s eyes after they bought the toys; a child’s happiness in an adult man holding in his hands what I created. It still touches and surprises me. Working with wool has been a huge part of my life for the past ten years. I think it’s not a coincidence.”, she says.


Nastasya Shuljak creates felted wool toys in the form of cute animals and natural spirits


We’ve picked out some of Nastasya’s cutest toys, check them out below

Nastasya’s work brings joy to every person. However, she doesn’t exhibit her creations in a gallery. But, she’s willing to showcase her masterpieces to the world through her Instagram page. Here, you can see her entire collection of felted wool sculptures. But we are sad to say that most of her creations are already sold. If you want to check out her latest piece that is up for sale, you can visit this Instagram and choose your felted wool spirit animal.

So, which toy was your favorite?