Chuan Bin Chung Uses His Awesome Drawings Skills On The Chalkboard To Teach His Students Anatomy

The human anatomy is such a complex subject matter. So, teachers try their best to help their students understand it in the easiest yet most effective way possible. For instance, we’ve seen a teacher who showed up in her class wearing an anatomical bodysuit. Meanwhile, Taiwanese instructor Chuan Bin Chung wows his students with his superbly accurate drawings of anatomical forms using colored chalks.

Chung is one of the many modern-day educators who steer away from traditional teaching methods to make learning fun and exciting for his students. He’s currently teaching Art Anatomy at the Medical College of Xiamen University. And even though they have a textbook in class, he doesn’t really encourage his students to use it.

“Students, majoring in this area, cannot learn by just reading the pictures on books. Instead, we learn while drawing something. In my classes, students have to draw what I am demonstrating on the chalkboard.”

Taiwanese Instructor Human Skeleton Chalkboard Drawing


Chuan Bin Chung Human Body Anatomical Chalkboard Drawing


Taiwanese Instructor Human Muscular System Chalkboard Drawing

So, during his lectures, he uses colored chalks to meticulously and accurately draw the inner intricacies of the human body. From the skeletal system to the muscular system, the dedicated teacher’s graphic representation of these anatomical diagrams is simply extraordinary.

Chuan Bin Chung Drawing a Human Skull


Chuan Bin Chung Human Muscular System Chalkboard Drawing


Chuan Bin Chung Drawing the Human Skeletal System

Without a doubt, his illustrations are informative and aesthetically pleasing at the same time. Indeed, his unique teaching style showcases both his passion and proficiency in the arts and science.

Chuan Bin Chung Human Skull Chalkboard Drawing


Chuan Bin Chung Human Face Chalkboard Drawing


Taiwanese Instructor Human Face Chalkboard Drawing


Chuan Bin Chung is good with whiteboard markers too!

Taiwanese Instructor Human Skull Drawing

Kudos to all the teachers who go out of their way to make lessons more interesting! Feel free to check out Chung’s Facebook page and YouTube channel to see more of his incredible illustrations.

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