An Amazing Zipper-Mouth Cat Jumper You Can Make Yourself


It's not unusual to see craft projects that are tricky enough only the most experienced crafters can tackle them. This zipper-mouth cat sweater might look awesome, but it's actually so simple that even someone with basic sewing skills could make it. This is the perfect thing to do with an old sweater that doesn't get much use. It's an ideal way to spruce up such a garment and turn it into something creative and unique. This sweater was designed by Instructables user Hellovillain, so if you need clarification, you can get more information from her page on that site.

Website: Instructables


These are the supplies you need to start out with: a zipper, scissors, felt or other material, a needle and thread (of course, you can choose to sew by hand or on a machine), a pencil, paper, pins, and a sweater you don't mind cutting up.


First draw the eyes on a piece of paper, you can use this design or use your imagination to come up with your own.


Do the same for the nose, then cut them out and arrange them on the sweater.


If you're happy with the size and how they look, you can proceed to cutting out the eyes and nose, otherwise try again until you like what you've come up with. 


If your chosen eye design has multiple layers, like these ones, you'll need to sew them together.


Sew the eyes and nose onto the sweater. Be careful to position them in the right place. You'll probably want to pin everything on before you start sewing.


Cut the mouth out and sew on the teeth design.



Sew the zipper onto the mouth.


This is what it should look like when zipped up.


Cut a straight horizontal line into the sweater, the right length to fit the zipper into.


Pin and sew the zipper into the hole you cut.


And voila! Now you have the coolest jumper in town.


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