These Clothes Are Made To Block Mosquitoes And Other Bugs From Biting You

Protect yourself from mosquitoes and other pesky bugs with this mosquito blocking outfit. Outdoor people really love summer. For them, this season is their perfect chance to spend more time in the outdoors, day and night. However, there’s one big problem with this. Warmer temperatures bring more mosquitoes, and that explains why these pests reach their peak during summer season. If you’re not prepared, these tiny blood-suckers could ruin your summer. In worse cases, mosquitoes can transmit deadly diseases such as malaria, Zika virus, dengue, West Nile virus, yellow fever, and many more. If you don’t like the idea of applying harsh chemicals on your skin to repel mosquitoes, you may want to consider this mosquito blocking outfit.

mosquito biting through clothes

You may not know it but mosquitoes are more than capable of biting through your clothes, especially those that are using very thin materials. In fact, they use their spear-like mouths to slice through skin and woven fabric as well. But studies show that nylon/lycra fabric could block 98% of mosquito bites. For this reason, this mosquito blocking outfit makes use of this fabric to protect the wearer from mosquitoes and bugs. Aside from its bug-repellent property, this breathable fabric doesn’t trap heat so you stay cool and protected all the time. Plus, this fabric has UPF 26 sun protection rating that also protects the wearer from the harmful UV rays.

mosquito biting through skin

The complete line of this mosquito blocking outfit includes the shirt, pants, hood, socks, and gloves. Let’s talk about the shirt first. This mosquito blocking shirt has long sleeves to protect your entire arms. Additionally, it has fitted sleeve cuffs to ensure that mosquitoes won’t find their way into your sleeves. The shirt’s elbows and shoulders have double layers for extra protection and durability. It is available in five sizes – small, medium, large, x-large, and xx-large. This shirt can be worn under clothes or on its own.

hammacher schlemmer mosquito blocking outfit shirt

Just like the shirt, this mosquito blocking pants uses nylon/lycra fabric to help inhibit insect bites. It has fitted ankle cuffs so you don’t have to worry about mosquitoes sneaking up your legs. The pants’ knees also feature double layers for added protection. It is also available in five different sizes ranging from small to xx-large. This mosquito blocking pants is designed to be worn as an undergarment.

hammacher schlemmer mosquito blocking outfit pants

Aside from the arms and legs, mosquitoes often target the face and neck as their favorite spots. You can protect these areas by wearing this mosquito blocking hood that covers the neck and the entire head, with an opening that exposes the nose and eye area. Furthermore, protect your toes and ankles by wearing this pair of mosquito blocking socks. Both the hood and the socks have double layers and each comes in a one-size-fits-all feature. And to complete the mosquito blocking outfit, this gloves will make sure that your hands are safe from mosquito attacks. The gloves are available in sizes medium and large.

hammacher schlemmer mosquito blocking outfit hood


hammacher schlemmer mosquito blocking outfit sock


hammacher schlemmer mosquito blocking outfit socks


hammacher schlemmer mosquito blocking outfit gloves

All pieces of garments come in green color and are machine washable. You can buy them individually here and take advantage of its lifetime guarantee offer. Don’t let mosquitoes wreck your perfect summer. Go out and have fun while keeping your entire body protected with this mosquito blocking outfit now.