Photos That Will Leave You Wondering What Happens Next

Pictures can efficiently convey information but some are too mind-boggling that there are more questions to it than answers. It’s equally frustrating and interesting when something leaves you hanging with unanswered confusion.  What you’re about to see will certainly leave you a lot of questions. How did it happen? What is going on? What happens next? And we’ll leave the answers to your imagination. We have collected some hilariously interesting photos that will make you laugh and think hard.



A cheetah jumps into a tourist’s jeep and gets instantly attracted to a particular junk food.


Adding a little touch of French to your casual outfit.

Reddit | zull101

Friends need each other’s support in times of struggle and trouble.

Reddit | jengo54

Repent and Mr. Potato-Head shall forgive you.

Know Your Meme

Dill pickle juice popsicle, anyone? It looks good but I think I’ll pass.

Reddit | garsigi

When something is too valuable to be replaced.

Twitter | flexanie

You can just imagine the disappointment of an anticipating chocolate-lover.

Instagram | coolmompicks

Have you deciphered what happens next on these photos?



What happens when you photocopy a spaghetti? We also wonder.

photos leave you wondering what happens next
Reddit | TheTurtleTamer

One ticket for one freakish tall guy, please!

Meme Guy

A vending machine for breakable glassware. So what happens when a glass dining plate drops?

Reddit | griffinjennings

The stick man on this emergency exit sign wants to run away desperately.

Reddit | thebayallday

A heartwarming duck family reunion captured on camera.


Don’t mind this kid behind me, he’s just tagging along.

kid-tagging-along-an electric-push-shopping-cart-photos-what-happens-next
Sad And Useless

Always start the day with a fresh toothpaste… oh wait.

Reddit | CappaWasDetated