Photos of Hilariously Painful Things That Will Make You Say “Ouch!”

Whether we like it or not, pain is a natural part of life. Everyone goes through painful experiences that can really hurt us physically, emotionally and mentally. However, pain isn’t all that evil. Sometimes we were able to learn important life lessons by the painful things we encounter in life. But even the simple things in our daily life can bring agony if they didn’t go the way you wanted. You can relate to these examples of hilariously painful things that have surely tormented your day.



It would take an enormous amount of patience to keep your cool when you’re stuck in a traffic jam.


We can just all agree that stepping on a Lego is too much of a torture.

hilariously painful things
Kingkellex / reddit

How am I gonna dip my chicken nugget with that?

PolkaDottedPanda / imgur

Can someone please explain to me what’s the real purpose of this line?

n1mutant / imgur

Getting shampoo in the eyes makes you wanna scream in anguish.

WingNut Films

The face you make when summer break has already ended but you’re still on vacation mode.

NikkasInParis / imgur

A little bit of sunscreen can save you from this humiliation.

sofulcrumbs / imgur

When the floor gets to enjoy this delicious treat more than you.

MarkMidnite / imgur

Can you still bear with the pain? Scroll down for more hilariously painful things that will make you twitch in agony just by looking at them.


Nothing can save your face from this shameful tragedy.

DrMantisTobagganMD / imgur

Why are front cameras so rude?

liamario / imgur

That moment when you can’t help but watch your happiness slip away from your grasp.

Sampoerna415 / imgur

Pairing socks with the same design is harder than it looks.

OldManBOMBIN / imgur

That other earbud is a pain in the ear for sure.

bostontrad / imgur

Kids in the 90’s would totally understand this dilemma. And this is where a ball-pen really comes in handy.

myrtheus / imgur

A protective cover doing what it does best – to protect the content by all means.

unknown / reddit

Women should stay away from sling bags.

enestatli / imgur

Pulling a hangnail is excruciating but seems like we never learn.