40 Hilarious Practical Jokes You’ll Want To Try

Practical jokes are often loved and hated in equal measure. You’ll often find that most people can’t get enough of a good prank, so long as it’s not on them! If you’re someone who is always on the look out for a great practical joke or prank to play on your next victim then you’re going to love this post!

Here we have some hilarious practical jokes that will make you laugh out loud. Each one is simple, yet brilliant, and most importantly, there isn’t any lasting damage so whoever the victim(s) of these jokes are, they can’t complain for too long!

Hilarious Pranks

The toilet seat placement is brilliant dedication to the prank! However, we hope it wasn’t covered in germs! 

office transformed into bathroom prank

6 months worth of gum?! How much did this cost? We hope the end result was worth it because that is serious dedication! 

gum replaced by play doh prank

This would terrify us and we’re not even scared of clowns! 

clown sticker on toilet seat prank

Salty sour patch kids anyone?

sour patch kids candies covered in salt next to salt shaker

That is a shocking amount of Cheetos! 

desk covered in thousands of cheetos with empty packets on top

Macaroni cheese juice. Gross but amusing! 

macaroni cheese juice put inside sunny d bottle prank

They may look like peas and carrots but they are actually Starbursts and Skittles! 

starbursts and skittles pretending to be peas and carrots in a pie

The confusion people feel is great.

hand painting soap with clear nail varnish

The desk part actually looks really cool! 

desk and computer screen and keyboard covered in pennies

Cake and cheese. 

cake and icing in the form of a grilled cheese sandwich

Well, there’s definitely no lack of inspiration here! So many great ideas for all sorts of occasions. Whether you’re looking for an office prank, a family/ friends suitable one or an April fool’s day joke, we’ve got plenty of options. Although, we wouldn’t blame you for struggling to choose between this selection as there’s so many great ones! We might just work our way down the list until we run out, there’s enough to keep us going for a good while! 

We like the red dye idea! However, be careful not to forget about your prank and use the tap yourself! 

cotton bud dipped in ink to paint faucet blue to make colored water prank

Onion apples… a personal favorite of ours! 

onions being dipped to look like toffee apples

We all think of someone specific when reading ‘that friend’…

mentos on a string hidden in bottle of coke lid step by step instructions

Makes someone’s day more amusing with a simple joke like this! 

computer mouse with nicolas cage sticker on the bottom

We hope that there is someone hidden in the balls waiting to jump out and scare people! 

office area turned into ball pit prank

Meatloaf cake… we’d probably still eat it. 

cake made of meatloaf

A delayed reaction practical joke that is well worth the wait! But, make sure you aren’t in a close radius! 

mentos frozen in water in ice cube tray

We wonder how many people fell for this…

voice activated stickers for paper towel dispenser

Yogurt sandwiches, yum! 

hellmans mayonaise placed into yoghurt pots prank

No one wants to see this when they walk into the bathroom! However, we would like to see the reactions! 

hair extensions hanging from ceiling prank

Do you know what springs to mind the most when we see these images? Revenge. We see opportunities to get back at the many people who have wronged us, or at the very least annoyed us. Now that we’ve said this, your own mind will be wandering, considering which people in your life are worthy of punishment. The sibling who keeps stealing your clothes? Your co-worker who keeps belittling you in front of the entire office? Your partner who didn’t do their chores? The possibilities are endless…

Amusing Jokes

How to ruin good donuts…

guy filling donuts with mayonnaise

At least the victim of this prank will have access to a toilet when they get the fright of their lives! 

fog horn taped to toilet seat prank

Ham and chips, or, yogurt, peach and apples?

yoghurt peaches and apples pretending to be egg and chips

Toothpaste Oreos… delicious! 

oreos filled with toothpaste next to crest tube

We wouldn’t want to be responsible for discarding the cardboard…

expert mode cardboard cut out for toilet seat

That’s a pretty impressive body shape. Ours would just look like a big lump…

hotel sheets made to look like a dead body practical joke

This trolley formation pleases us… 

car surrounded by circle of trollies

 Got a few hundred spare cups lying around and fancy annoying a co-worker? Here’s an idea… 

office filled with cups on floor and desk

A great prank! Although, we do feel sorry for the people that needed to use the toilet as it looks like there was only one cubicle! 

pants and shoes placed on a toilet to look like someone is using it prank

Challenge accepted. However, we aren’t hopeful for a mess free outcome! 

glasses upside down filled with water beside note saying have fun cleaning this up

We’re approaching the final section of our post now but keep on going because we’ve saved some of the best for last! With all of the pressures and stresses that daily life brings, it’s always good to inject a little humor. Laughing and smiling really does improve your mood. And, who doesn’t love spreading a little cheer to those around them? Feel free to share any of your favorite practical jokes that we’ve missed out in the comments section below! You can never have too many prank options

Very well executed, however, this could cause some serious alarm! 

boots in concrete prank looks like dead body

We would probably get so frustrated that we ended up smashing the box open… 

ball in hole money box game with 100 dollars inside

Bluff or no bluff? The risk is yours to take. 

cake with find the toenail written on top of it

Give someone the gift of inconvenience as they have to tip away the fluids in these cups one by one! But, be careful during the assembly process as you might end up pranking yourself! 

cup tower filled with liquid blocking door way

This classic never gets old… 

fog horn taped to wall behind door handle practical jokes

Brilliant! Awkward situations galore… 

empty mug with marry me written on the bottom

Some people will fall for anything just because it’s written on a sign! However, a voice activated toaster isn’t too unbelievable

toaster with a sticker saying voice activated on it

Someone’s popular… 

do not touch label with i touched and me too labels

This one causes some rather embarrassing moments indeed… 

skirt sticker added to male bathroom sign to make it look like a female sign

Make someone want to cry at the thought of replacing their expensive laptop with this trick! 

glue splatter over laptop keyboard that looks like spilled milk