Funny Perfectly Timed Photos Where The Background Is Funnier Than The Main Subject

Our love for photographs is incomparable. From selfies to family portraits, we just love to capture those moments we’ll cherish forever. However, there are just some funny perfectly timed photos wherein the background steals the attention from the main subject.

Awesome Inventions found 23 photos that showcase these hilarious and crazy situations that will certainly make you LOL.

Bridezilla mode in 3, 2, 1!

Notice me tiny hooman.

We’re pretty sure he had a good time.

Somebody make this a meme.

The lady in the background though…

“Attack of the butterfly.”

What perfect timing is all about.

Beware kids. Mickey Mouse ain’t that friendly after all.

Work it, girl! Don’t let those haters bring you down!

A surprised squirrel. *bow*

He probably didn’t see that coming.

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Wanted: Killer Cat


The perfect photobomber.

We’re beyond speechless.

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The case of the missing beer.

When you loose control.

U.F.S. – Unidentified Flying Sandal

MRW I got kicked in the balls.

Hey, whose kid is this?!

Lady in pink: Eats popcorn and watches what happens next.

The case of the flying car.

The face you make when you see your favorite food but remember you’re on a diet.

Goose rider.