Strange Food Photos That Will Leave You Wondering Why

Cooking and fancy food plating or  is a skill that not everybody is blessed with. One skill for sure that most people possess is to know how to determine when something is bad. There are those which are bad based on personal preference, and there is also that is just really wrong or totally unnecessary.

Here’s a list of a few things that is out of the ordinary.

1. How do you feel about this??

Reddit | Louie69eyes

That’s a little too dry for my liking. I can’t imagine anyone enjoying that packed sandwich without accidentally choking.

2. Is this really necessary?

Twitter | @JulieVis

Going to restaurants, especially fancy ones, they have this kind of obligation to present their food also in a fancy manner. But sometimes, some just go overboard and usually their food presentation doesn’t make any sense.

3. Never heard of a Mitchell Man Star worthy dish until now.

Reddit | oatandham

I don’t know about you, but to me that does not look like cooked pasta. I hope she’s joking about eating all that.

4. I thought this was cake.

Reddit | hmrevenue

At first glance, it kinda does look like cake. But look closer…IT’S MACARONI! Compacted macaroni with a little burnt part. I have no idea what I’m going to with that if I was in their shoes. That’s a lot of wasted macaroni.

5. This is adorable, I don’t want to eat it!

Reddit | neringi

I’m talking about the sliced banana. Coincidence? I think not. Life is just funny like that.

6. They just wanted to make sure their customer gets it.

circle-breadI appreciate their efforts…but really? It’s all the same how you cut it.

7. Expiration date? You can’t miss it with this one.

Reddit | lucidshred

Why? Just why. I’m sure it’d be hard to not notice this.

8. I wonder which cooking show they learned this.

The Chive

Ugh. That’s some nasty, raw chicken. Don’t do that at home kids. Not good for your body.

9. One hot pot of cheese, coming right up!

Reddit | peachikween

I don’t know how this became a thing. I don’t think I’ll ever understand why.

10. Who in the right mind would ever think of doing this?

Tumblr | heart

Human shaped dumplings don’t really look appetizing, but hey I admire the creativity.

11. Where?

Reddit | AnticShroom

Clearly, something went wrong that made the bacon disappear. Probably wanted to go for extra crispy, but I guess it went a little too crispy.

12. The shape of an ice cream scoop doesn’t matter.

Reddit | iankinskywalker

Of course, because what matters most of all is the taste of ice cream. But I was wondering though…what dud the owner of this ice cream parlor thought about to come up with serving ice cream in a different shape??

13. Less is more they say when it comes to fancy plating.

Tumblr | love-me-more-than-you-do

I would totally eat that regardless of how its currently presented!

14. It’s probably a bad idea to use for laundry.

Reddit | Tallytoons

Lofty Pursuits just had to add this to their marketing strategy! Tide pod memes. Not bad.

15. I guess it wasn’t that obvious to you.

Reddit | phisco125

Gordon Ramsay is the perfect guy to send your “masterpieces.” Everyone loves his comments!

16. Chocolate for dessert!

Reddit | Florixia

If you plan on doing all the fancy stuff, just don’t try too hard. You might overthink it and end up with something unnecessary. When your food is great though, it would still be a total win!