People Share Photos To Compare Themselves 6 Years Ago vs Now

People around the globe are in for the newest challenge. You’ve probably heard about the #2012vs2018 trend that’s been taking the internet by storm lately. But just in case you didn’t know, let me explain it for you. People want to show how they’ve changed over the past 6 years. By posting their photos taken 6 years ago side by side with their most recent picture, they reveal their transformation. You’ll see how some people can change so much in the course of 6 years. Of course, you can partake in the trend too! You can also share your 2012 photo and compare it with your recent one. And see for yourself how much you’ve changed!



This is the photo that started it all. When this man posted a photo of himself with his daughter, he inspired the world when he revealed that he quit drinking alcohol when her daughter turned one-year old. And he has been sober for 5 years now. His transformation caught the interest of the public and the #2012vs2018 was born after.

From nerd to hottie…

The glasses was a nice touch but the difference is so apparent.

What a mesmerizing change.

Is that even the same person?

Anyone can change into someone they aspire to be.

Even guys have their glow ups.

Anyone can change for the better. And these photos will inspire you to be who you want to be by sharing their photos from 6  years ago vs how they look now.



Chubby no more.

Lose weight, change hair color, put on make-up, and voila! Total transformation!

Look how a glow up can change one hopeless kid.

From handsome to glamorous.

From beautiful to handsome.

From blonde to brunette.

Glow up is real and you better believe it.

Confidence is beauty. If you’re happy with whom you’ve become, beauty follows.