Hilarious Pixar Jokes That Only Real Fans Will Get

Let’s face it. Pixar has been a part of our childhood and even now that we’re grown-ups, we still watch them. So fans are going to love these pixar jokes! It’s almost impossible to envision a child’s life without Pixar. We’ve followed the friendship of Woody and Buzz Lightyear when we were kids. And shed tears when Andy left his toys 15 years later. Even now that we have kids, it’s still nice to sit and watch the latest Pixar films with them. If you love Pixar as much as we do then we’ve got a treat for you. Here are some hilarious Pixar jokes that only real fans will get.



The world’s most famous lamp on its cigarette break.

Tumblr | gaychristianprobs

I’ve seen many undercover agents in hundreds of spy movies, but Roz is hands down the best undercover ever. She’s always watching you, always watching.

Twitter | @ArabellaGolby

I can’t count how many times I’ve hit rewind on that part when Frozone was asking his wife where she put his super-suit. The way he said that was tantalizing.

Twitter | redpandaparty

Pixar has a response to Beyonce’s hit song. And it’s none other than the crazy yet adorable Becky. We’re still crossing our fingers for Finding Becky though.

Twitter | semisexuai

Try singing that in Russel’s voice. Lol!

Tumblr | mugglevoldemort

Who says Pixar characters can’t do crossovers?

Tumblr | mathematicalpenguins

Pixar humor only fans will understand



Now it’s Remy’s turn to get the Frankenstein treatment.

Twitter | eranrae

What exactly do you expect seeing from a monster movie?

Twitter | AmznMovieRevws

We’re still fortunate not to live long enough to be forced to evacuate the Earth while robots do all the cleaning.

Twitter | fart

There’s a snake in my boots! Literally! And I don’t intend to plagiarize Woody!


If only the first film wasn’t a big hit then there wouldn’t have been a second film. And there shouldn’t have been any slip ups from the first film in the first place. Now I’m scratching my head in confusion.

Tumblr | tommyholland

Looks like Disney is being faithful to their tradition.

Twitter | msdanifernandez

Try drawing the cars with the headlights as their eyes and you’ll find out how sinister they turn out.

Twitter | ChaseMit

The Child Detection Agency (CDA) is on its way.

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