This Online Group Is Dedicated To Funny Jokes – Here’s 20+ Of The Best Ones

‘Laughter is the best medicine’ may be the oldest cliché around but there’s actually some truth to it. So, allow us to lift your spirits amid these troubled times with funny jokes. So much has happened so far in 2020 and we regret to inform you that we’re only halfway through it. While there are many history-making moments that have happened in the first half of 2020 alone, it seems that most are tragically devastating. But we’re not going to ruin your day even more by reminding you about these tragedies. Instead, we’ll be providing you with comedy therapy to, at least, make you feel better.

The internet is full of jokes, clever puns, witty one-liners and hilarious memes. But you don’t have to rummage through the worldwide web to find the best and funniest witticisms online. There’s an online community dedicated to help people get their funny on. The subreddit r/jokes has amassed more than 18 million members since it was created in 2008 and hundreds of knee-slappers are submitted to the page on a daily basis. So, you’ll see a large collection of all-things-hilarious by visiting the page.


Jokes: Get Your Funny On! is an online community dedicated to hilarious jokes

So, we’ve picked out the most hilarious entries from the page to brighten up your day. You will find everything from amusing life experiences, witty plays on words to pop culture humor and comical social commentary. There are all types of jokes on our list below.


Here are some of the best jokes from the page


Some jokes are simple but hilarious



This joke is perfect for Star Wars fans






Some jokes even play with words and they will blow your mind



If you have kids you will laugh at this joke because we are sure it is something all dads have experienced.



















But, this joke is for everyone whether you like pie, Pirates of the Caribbean or travel you will love this.





While some jokes even include maths so you can learn to!




Some jokes aren’t very obvious and some will not get it





And some are so bad but so good
















If you love poop jokes then there is even something for you to.




Lastly, we have this joke about Pikachu

Finally, which joke is your favorite? Let us know in the comments and even write some of your best jokes to.

Source: Reddit