20 Small Acts that Consider People as Cheating Partners

People can be judged as cheating partners even though they are not aware of it or even if they insist they’re not. It’s like the common problem where being nice is sometimes mistaken as being flirty. But, there are certain acts, no matter how small and insignificant it may be, you may still feel a little guilty about doing it and somehow don’t want your partner to know about it… that sounds a bit like cheating, doesn’t it? Well, let’s hear what people have to say about micro-cheating.

It doesn’t hurt to look ahead to plan just in case things don’t really go as planned.

Can’t stop people from thrill-seeking, but sometimes chasing the thrill can raise some questions.

Can people be emotionally involve with someone other than their current partner and not be called as cheating partners?

Getting some love and appreciation is not easy to get sometimes.

Hard to stop being attracted with the opposite sex.

How can one be able to be in a relationship like this?

Need I say more? That’s when you know you’re dealing with cheating partners.

Not everyone is okay with their partners to be sending nudes to strangers… are there even those who are okay with it?

Women have strong gut feelings and that they sometimes hope they’re wrong.

Letting go of an old lover is not always easy.

Secret messaging is never a good sign, especially when they’re not at all sorry about it.

Those sexting a different person are obviously considered as cheating partners.

Can’t blame a person who has trust issues. You can’t always know what they’re going through.

Talking a lot about certain people means they’re thinking about them as often too. Not always a good sign.

Being flirtatious with other women in different platforms is never a good thing..

Honesty and trust is the foundation of an almost-perfect relationship.

When people are not so sure with the choices they make…

Someone is allowed to get mad, but I don’t think it should be the boyfriend.

What cheating partners would usually be doing.

Let’s see what your partner would think if the situation would be the other way around…