This Pennywise Umbrella Starts To Change Color As It Gets Wet

Have the ‘creepiest clown on earth’ protect you from the rain with this color-changing Pennywise umbrella. Then you can scare the pants off everybody as you take a stroll in the rain as the evil clown on the canopy comes to life in color when wet. Horror fans are going to follow you everywhere when you show them this spine-chilling spectacle during a rain storm.

This color-changing Pennywise umbrella is made of polyester material and liquid reactive ink that changes color when wet. When dry, the white-colored canopy flaunts the face of the evil clown with his devilish grin. But when wet, the scary clown becomes even more terrifying. The notorious villain seems to come alive as his eyes, nose, and mouth change color from white to red. Blood spatters also appear around the creepy clown to up the scare factor.


Color-Changing Pennywise Umbrella

color-changing pennywise umbrella liquid reactive

The color-changing Pennywise umbrella has a telescoping shaft that extends from 9 inches to 21 inches in length. When opened, the collapsible canopy measures 32 inches in diameter. Simply fold it down to its convenient size when not in use and store it in the included nylon case. If you’re looking for the perfect gift for any horror fan, this officially-licensed item should do the trick. This will give them a reason to take a walk in the rain and make everyone’s day. Just tell them to stay clear of gutters just to be safe.

color-changing pennywise umbrella liquid reactive canopy


it-inspired umbrella


color-changing pennywise umbrella


it-inspired umbrella evil clown


horror-themed folded umbrella


color-changing pennywise umbrella it-inspired

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