Cold Beer Coats Keep Your Drinks ‘Cool’ In Temperature And In Looks

Winter is here with its freezing temperature to get us shivering in the cold. Thankfully, we have our favorite seasonal winter beers to warm us up from the inside out. So, why not show our gratitude to our best canned buddies by dressing them up in these cold beer coats? Well, why not?

One look at these fun-size jackets and you may think that these are nothing but gag items. But these tiny puffer jackets are more useful than you think. Sure, they can make your canned beer look dapper and trendy. But the mini coat is a stylish cozy to keep your can cold for longer while keeping your hands warm. It features an outer layer made from soft nylon, which is the same material used in regular puffer jackets. However, this miniature version has a metallic inner lining to trap the cold inside, keeping your beverage cold for hours.


Cold Beer Coats

cold beer coats

These beer coats come complete with a zipper closure and feature curved sleeves to give you a better grip. Plus, the outer layer also keeps your hands warm while you’re holding your beer. Simply insert your favorite can of beer, soda, energy drink, fruit juice or herbal tea into the jacket cozy. Zip it up to contain the cold inside and enjoy your beverage in style. Each miniature puffer jacket measures 6.5 inches tall and 3.25 inches wide. Wipe with damp cloth to clean.

cold beer coats koozies


cold beer coats miniature puffer jacket


puffer jacket for canned beer


“It is a novelty gift but is functional as well. It made everyone laugh and smile.” one buyer wrote. “I haven’t found anything bad about these cool koozies! Very nice gifts! Use while camping and going to games. Get lots of great comments.” another buyer wrote.

puffer jacket for canned drinks


cold beer coats funny mini jacket


funny mini jackets

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