This Secret Umbrella Flask Is Perfect For A Cheeky Sip On The Go

Most sporting events, festivals, concerts, community events, and cruises won’t let you take your booze in as a way to make out as much money as possible. Anyone who has bought alcohol at these events can agree, a glass of wine can cost an absolute fortune. One of the best ways to avoid overpaying is to bring your own booze, and this ingenious umbrella flask will help you sneak your liquor past security easily.

Part of the experience of watching sports, hearing live music, or enjoying festivities is having a drink and winding up for a long night. Unfortunately, most events ban attendants and participants from bringing alcoholic beverages to force them to buy overpriced booze inside. Hence, sneaking booze into these major events becomes a necessity. There are several ways to hide a flask full of booze but most of them are now becoming a little more mainstream and too easily recognizable. If you’re looking for a foolproof way to get past security then this convincing umbrella flask should do the trick.


Umbrella Flask

umbrella flask sneak booze

This crafty umbrella flask features a tubular container hidden inside an umbrella cover to make it look like a regular folded umbrella. Simply fill the container with your favorite booze and take it to any event. Its handy design allows you to stash it inside your bag or explicitly stuck it in the outside pocket of your bag. Even the most scrutinous security would never suspect this innocent looking item. Now, you can bring your own booze into any event, save money and spend more on having fun.

hidden wine bottle clever design


hidden wine bottle sneak booze

This sneaky yet clever solution comes in a pack of two: one black and one navy. Give the other one to your partner or buddy and bring two of your favorite alcoholic drinks virtually anywhere. Each flask holds 12 ounces of liquor. So, two of these make 24 ounces which is equivalent to 16 shots, which is more than enough to get the entire gang boozy. The pack also includes a small funnel for a mess-free refilling and a bottle pour sprout for easy dispensing. Each flask has a screw crap designed to look like umbrella handle that provides air tight seal to prevent leaks.


Includes A Small Funnel and Pour Sprout

umbrella flask


umbrella flask hidden booze

The umbrella flask is cleverly designed to trick tight security. So, you can drink throughout the event at a fraction of the cost. But make sure to keep this trick a secret and avoid showing it off to other people once you’ve gotten past the security. It’s wise to enjoy your alcohol responsibly and avoid getting caught. One satisfied buyer wrote:

“First of all, this looks like an umbrella. Beyond that, it’s pretty straightforward: you load it up with your beverage of choice and walk smiling past anyone who might care on your way to enjoying yourself sans bar tab. Comes with some bonus items like a pour sprout and funnel, is BPA free, and did I mention lets you take your booze wherever you like!”

hidden wine bottle sneak booze into cruise


umbrella flask pack of two

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