This Multi-Tool Pen Keeps 5 Handy Tools Together In One Gadget

We all have our own list of everyday carry (EDC) that we can’t live without. And if you’re someone who always carry a pen then you might want to replace your ordinary pen with this multi-tool pen. This writing instrument features a streamline design with lightweight yet solid construction which makes it comfortable to hold. But more importantly, this handy gadget offers the functionality of 5 essential tools. Hence, this 5-in-1 gadget eliminates the need to carry separate tools.

This pen is also a screwdriver, a ruler, a bubble level and a touch stylus for smart devices. Now you only need to carry one gadget to get the functions of 5 standard tools which are used on a regular basis for different purposes. Of course, one of these functionalities will surely come in handy in unexpected moments. You’ll never know when you will have to sign a check, unscrew a battery compartment, hang a picture frame straight, measure a line or draw on your phone or tablet. So, having this 5-in-1 ballpoint pen keeps you ready for whatever task that may come your way.


Multi-Tool Pen

multi-tool pen screwdriver stylus

This pen is made from aluminum and silicon with a black-colored barrel in the form of a 3-inch ruler. It has an integrated bubble level on the other side of the pen barrel. This 5-in-1 tool comes with a mini attachment bit with a flathead and Philips head screwdriver. And the detachable soft head is a capacitive touch stylus which is suitable for all kinds of touch screen devices. This handy gadget measures 5.75 inches long with 0.25-inch diameter.

multi-tool pen bubble level


“My partner loves this pen, they often need a screwdriver so the tiny one is handy. They also use the stylus on their phone now too.”, one happy buyer wrote. “This pen is perfect for a person who has a lot to handle and not a lot of space.”, another buyer wrote.

5-in-1 ballpoint pen

Source: Uncommon Goods | Amazon