This Smart Lipstick Allows You To Mix And Create Your Own Shades

When cosmetics meet artificial intelligence, the result is a beauty tech innovation that redefines the future of beauty. L’Oreal recently unveiled its smart lipstick gadget that can make nearly any shade of lipstick you could ever imagine. This could really benefit makeup enthusiasts who hoard hundreds of lipsticks in various colors. But even if we think we have all the colors in our possession, we still may not find that one perfect shade that we desire. And it can be frustrating when you can’t find a specific shade to match your current outfit.

The world’s largest cosmetic company is about to solve all those dilemmas for good. You can forget about buying a new lipstick when you want to try a different color. All you’ll ever need is this lipstick gadget and let it create the shade that you want with just a push of button. This newest innovation uses iconic lipsticks of Yves Saint-Lauren Beauté to help you create an infinity of colors at your fingertips. So, how does this wonder tool make this magic happen?


Smart Lipstick

smart lipstick gadget

This Bluetooth-enabled device is powered by artificial intelligence that works in conjunction with an app that would be installed on your phone or tablet. The smart system offers 3 ways to create your desired shade. One is the use of a shade wheel that allows you to pick your specific color by turning the wheel through the app. Another is through a shade match which really comes in handy if you’re trying to find a matching shade for your outfit. With this method, simply take a picture of your outfit and the app automatically scans the color and finds the perfect match. You can also use this method to determine the exact shade worn by celebrities or fashion models in magazines.

smart lipstick gadget app


ai-powered makeup device

The third method uses a proprietary algorithm that shows you trending shades designed by color experts and lifestyle influencers. After confirming your chosen shade, the app will prompt you to insert the required liquid lipstick cartridges into the gadget. Cartridges will be available in 4 different packs of shades including red, nude, orange and fuchsia. Each pack contains 3 separate cartridges that fit into the designated slots inside the device. The device comes with 3 cartridges of your chosen shade. So, you will have to buy the other packs of liquid lipstick cartridges separately.


Liquid Lipstick Cartridges In Four Different Packs Of Shades

liquid lipstick cartridges


smart lipstick gadget interior


smart lipstick gadget cartridges

After choosing your shade and confirming it through the app, the gadget will squirt the liquid lipsticks out at the top. All you have to do is mix the colors with the included brush and wear it evenly on your lips. The lid of the device also doubles as a compact makeup case. So, you can take your lipstick along with you for quick touch-ups. This sleek device has a built-in battery that can be charged via a USB cord.

lid compact makeup

This smart lipstick gadget will be available for limited pre-sales exclusively for the US market in early spring. But don’t worry. It will be launched worldwide and be made available for more users in September 2021.



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Source: L’Oreal