A New Trend Has Started With People Turning Vintage Globes Into Pendant Lights And They Actually Look Pretty Good

Globe pendant lights are lighting fixtures made of hand-blown glass and wrought iron. To put it simply, these lighting fixtures are mini chandeliers in the shape of a globe. But what if we can make globe pendant lights that are literally crafted out of actual globes? If you have old globes that you’re planning to throw away, you can still upcycle them and transform them into stunning spherical chandelier. Are you ready to create your own globe pendant lights by using old globes?

The idea of turning vintage globes into pendant lights began when some creative DIYers posted photos of their finished products on Pinterest. Now, many people also wanted to try the craft and make their own globe pendant lights. Upcycling old items would certainly help reduce wastes from the environment. Plus, the concept of an illuminating world that can brighten up a room is an irresistible thought.

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If you’re ready, let us teach you how to turn vintage globes into elegant hanging light fixtures.

Materials needed:

Globe – LED light bulb – Pendant light cord kit – Cutter (snap-off type) – Manual craft drill – Sandpaper


  1. Detach the globe from the metal stand.
  2. Before you start, make sure that the globe won’t roll around as you work. You can place it on a bowl or use anything to hold it in place.
  3. Use the cutter to cut a small hole on top of the globe. Make sure that the top hole is wide enough for the socket to pass through but small enough NOT to let the bulb pass through.
  4. Do the same for the bottom part of the globe. But this time, make a bigger hole for a greater light coverage.
  5. Smooth out the rough edges around the opening by using sandpaper.
  6. Use the manual craft drill to make holes around the outlines of the continents or countries. The light will shine through these holes to create a more dramatic effect.
  7. Insert the socket of the light cord kit on the top hole then attach the LED bulb.
  8. You can hang it on your room, kitchen, dining room, office room, or anywhere that needs illumination.