Artist Uses Unwanted Scrap Metal To Create Beautiful Bird Sculptures

Modern artists are finding ways to create exquisite artworks while saving the environment at the same time. They do this by upcycling junk items and use them as materials. Instead of buying new art materials, they can just reuse those recyclable objects. This way, they can cut down costs on materials as well as reduce the amount of garbage on this planet. Furthermore, you’ll be surprised to see how scrap metal can transform into spectacular works of art. Just take a look at these impressive bird sculptures. These masterpieces were crafted by Matt Wilson, an artist from South Carolina. One might think that these gleaming metal bird sculptures are made of brand new metalware. But the brilliant artist uses scrap metals and driftwood from the junkyard and upcycles these materials into masterpieces.

Wilson features his works on his shop Airtight Artwork where people can also purchase them. Most of his sculptures are in the forms of birds. From eagles and owls to ravens and robins, his creations depict a wide range of bird species. The artist’s love for nature is very evident through his craft. Aside from his fondness of birds, he also promotes the use of discarded items in making arts. Upcycling scrap metals and other reusable garbage can certainly conserve our natural resources. Moreover, it brings awareness to the people and encourages them to find ways to give another life to these junks.

Upcycling scrap material has opened a new route for artists to create their crafts and help the environment as well. But upcycling is just the beginning. For Wilson, it takes a lot of creativity, patience and skills in order to produce these amazing metal bird sculptures. There’s a reason why people are discarding these scraps. Some items are damaged beyond repair while others are totally disfigured. To turn these pieces of garbage into usable materials is actually the most challenging task for the artist. That’s not all. One must have the knowledge and skills on how to integrate dissimilar pieces of materials altogether. To put it simply, crafting metal bird sculptures entails a lot of hard work.

Looking at his creations, it is somewhat hard to believe that the metal materials came from the garbage. But it actually took meticulous crafting and time-consuming integration to complete these metal bird sculptures. He cleverly used forks for the wings and feet, spoon for the body, coil for the neck, and so on. In addition to metals, he also uses pieces of wood to complete the body parts. Some of the sculptures are perching on metal or wooden pieces while other are freestanding. Aside from birds, Wilson has also used insects and sea creatures as his models for his metal sculptures. You can check out all of his stunning works on his Etsy shop and on his Instagram.

Upcycling artist Matt Wilson turns discarded scrap metal into magnificent bird sculptures.




His metal creations range from woodland birds…











…to predatory and exotic birds.




Some birds even feature life-like glass eyes.


Source: Airtight Artwork