The Only Beach Lounger You Need This Summer Has A Face Hole For Comfortable Reading And Napping

Nothing says ‘relaxation’ better than lounging on a comfortable chaise while reading your favorite book. And since summer break is here, you can laze around and read all you want. It doesn’t matter if you want to do it at the beach or on your patio. Because once you open a book, you get to venture into a literary world that will make you forget about your troubles. However, finding a comfortable position while reading a book can be backbreaking sometimes. Sitting is the most common reading position so far. But if you want to lie down while reading, supine position is the only way to do it. Although reading by turning your head to the side is possible, many people find this position uncomfortable. Reading a book in prone position is a nice change of pace but it is impossible to do it on a beach chair.

ostrich lounge chaise beach chair

Well, not until now. We’ve found a beach chair that allows you to read in any position that you find most comfortable. Whether you prefer to sit, lie down face up, lie on either side, or lie on your stomach. The Ostrich Lounge Chaise features an open/close face cavity to allow you to read in prone position. It has a soft pillow around the edges of the face cavity to provide comfort and support for your head.  This 6-foot reclining beach chair can be adjusted in four different positions. When you want to lie down in supine position, simply close the face cavity and adjust the recliner according to your preferred angle.

beach chair with face hole


ostrich lounge chaise reading prone position

This versatile lounger is lightweight and portable so you can easily carry it anywhere as it also comes with a carry strap. Despite its lightweight property, the Ostrich Lounge Chaise is durable and made to last. It is made of rust-resistant white powdered steel and heavy-duty breathable polyester fabric. This lightweight chaise can support up to 250 lbs of weight.

ostrich lounge chaise carry strap red


ostrich lounge chaise pink


ostrich lounge chaise beach chair pink


ostrich lounge chaise face cavity

You can buy this amazing beach chair today and choose from five different colors – blue, green, pink, red, and blue/white striped. So, get your own lounge chaise now and spend your summer vacation with total comfort and relaxation.

ostrich lounge chaise beach chair green


ostrich lounge chaise supine position


ostrich lounge chaise open close face cavity


ostrich lounge chaise blue white striped


ostrich lounge chaise beach chair blue white striped

Get yours today!