Floating Jellyfish Lights

Jellyfish are one of the most fascinating sea creatures due to their graceful movement and bioluminescence. But these bell-shaped free-swimming stingers can be fatally dangerous due to their deadly venom. If you really want to swim with these beautiful creatures, these floating jellyfish lights should give you that experience without any risk. Just place them in your pool and let these beauties freely float and illuminate your way through the water. They look and glow like the real thing to make you feel like you’re swimming with them in the ocean.

These floating jellyfish lights feature an umbrella-shaped body and tentacles. When placed on water, they will float with half of their bodies staying above the surface and the lower half submerged, with the tentacles hanging down into the water. At night, these mesmerizing LED jellyfish will turn your pool into a visual spectacle. Each iridescent light is equipped with color-changing LEDs that create a stunning light show of blue, green, and red lights. It has 6 lighting modes to match your mood: steady glow (blue, green, or red), fading transition among colors, or twinkle setting.


Floating Jellyfish Lights

floating jellyfish lights led night pool

Each floating LED jellyfish requires 4 AA batteries (not included).  It has a key control and a timer that automatically turns off the device after 4 hours. You can access the battery compartment and the key control at the bottom part of its bell-shaped body. These free-floating pool lights are made of PVC which make them completely waterproof and resistant to chemicals, salt, and UV. But make sure to firmly fasten the bottom part of the body with screws to prevent water from getting into the battery compartment. Each piece measures 11 inches tall and 5.1 inches wide. One satisfied buyer wrote:

“Love these! I have a 27-foot above ground pool and a few of these put a beautiful glow, and light up pool enough to see bottom for nighttime swimming. Look nice too!”

floating jellyfish lights led


floating jellyfish lights

Source: Walmart