These Awesome 2D Cartoon Bags Will Mess With Your Mind


If you've ever seen Who Framed Roger Rabbit, you might know a little bit about what happens when cartoons can also be found in the human world. However, if you think these colorful bags are actually illustrations drawn into these photos in post-production, then your eyes are deceiving you. It's quite hard to get your head around how these bags could be real life 3D objects, but the combination of bold solid colors and thick black edging makes these bags appear to be something they're not. These bags are made by the Taiwanese fashion label Jump From Paper, which posts to most countries, in case you're interested in buying one.

Website: Jump From Paper










The cool optical illusion that these bags create is ridiculously awesome, but it is enough to make your head hurt a bit! Now, excuse us while we go and order one in each style!

You can find them here.

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