People Who Have No Idea What They Are Wearing

When you see a person with a tattoo in a different language or wearing an item of clothing in a different language, you might sometimes wonder if they really know what the writing says. Well, the same goes for foreigners when it comes to the English language. Instagram user ‘@shanghaiobserved’ lives in China and shares daily photos of people who have no idea what they are wearing. Some are pretty offensive, others are just plain weird, but they are all highly amusing! Take a look! 

People Who Have No Idea What They Are Wearing

The alphabet like you’ve never seen it before… 

Even if you can’t understand the writing, the picture is pretty obvious! Isn’t it?!

We didn’t know that you could even do this… 

Hopefully this shirt wasn’t included in many family photos… 

Oh the cringe is at max overload! 

We quite like this one to be honest. 

These aren’t the worst either… 

Shout out to the haters… 

Now, this one rocks! 

Well, he’s not wrong! 

The jumper makes a valid point. 

This one confuses us in more ways than one. 

Let’s hope this was not worn whilst attending church! 

This one’s pretty cool. Although not on small child! 

We’ve never seen that phrase made so pretty before.