These Urinal Shot Glasses Take Your Drinking To A New Low

Are you ready to throw a smashing fun party for your friends? Then surprise your guests and bring the laughter to the party with these urinal shot glasses. These hilarious novelty items look like mini urinals. Because, why not? Everyone has had a shot from the plain boring shot glasses. These urinal-shaped ones will surely make things more exciting.

Well, some may find it a little awkward to drink from these shot glasses. But hey, it’s 2021! Awkward things don’t really surprise us anymore. Your guests will definitely love to down their favorite spirits from these unique mini muglets. Complete the real feel by pouring a yellowish liquor such as tequila, rum, whiskey or brandy. And watch how your guests react when it’s time to toast.


Unique Shot Glasses

urinal shot glasses gag item

These shot glasses are ceramic with a glossy finish to make them look like the real thing. They come in a set of 2, each with a capacity of 1.5-oz. These ceramic shooters are dishwasher safe, durable and they will bring excitement to every party for years to come. Ideal as a white elephant and novelty gift for any wine lovers. One happy buyer wrote:

“I gave this as a white elephant gift at a party. Everyone at the party loved them and wished it was the gift they received. The shot glasses are made well and actually resemble a urinal. They are a little awkward to drink from based on the shape but that that was to be expected with the novelty gift and what they are.”

urinal shot glasses


urinal-shaped ceramic muglets


urinal-shaped ceramic shooters


urinal shot glasses novelty gift

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urinal-shaped ceramic muglets gag gift

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