Grab Yourself A Variety Pack Of Jack Daniel’s Whiskey For The Merriest Of Christmases

The top selling American whiskey brand is going to make this the best Christmas season ever. Prepare for the merriest holiday with all the booze you want with the Jack Daniel’s Whiskey Variety Pack. Besides, Christmas is all about giving the good things in life. So, why not give the booze-loving person in your life the happiest Christmas with this perfect gift?

The Jack Daniel’s Pack contains five 50ml bottles of the brand’s best-selling labels. It includes Old No. 7 (also known as ‘Black Label’), Gentleman Jack, Single Barrel, Tennessee Honey and Tennessee Fire.

jack daniel's whiskey variety pack

The Old No. 7 is the original Jack Daniel’s label with an impressive 40% ABV. Gentleman Jack also boasts 40% ABV but it is charcoal-filtered twice compared to Old No.7 which is charcoal-filtered once. Singe Barrel has a whopping 47% ABV and this label is sourced from a single barrel in the company’s warehouse. The Tennessee Honey features a blend of honey liqueur and whiskey while the Tennessee Fire features a blend of cinnamon liqueur and whiskey. Both contain 35% ABV.


You can get a sip of all these classics if you get this Jack Daniel’s Whiskey Variety Pack. So, where can we get this amazing set? You can find this pack sitting on the liquor section at your nearest Target store. Or just to make sure, you can also check store availability here to see which Target stores have them. You know you need this boozy indulgence as a reward for yourself too. So, don’t think twice and grab a set or two before they disappear off the shelves.