Build An Army Of Snow Ducks With This Duck-Shaped Snowball Maker

Snowball fights are definitely among the things that we look forward to during the winter, regardless of our age. Sure, they’re fun and all. But let’s admit it—it’s almost impossible to make the perfect snowball. Luckily, we’ve found this duck-shaped snowball maker that allows you to assemble an army of ducks that’s ready for battle!

Made of high-quality plastic, this snowball mold lets you create perfectly-shaped snow ducklings in an instant. Simply scoop, shape and throw! It’s literally as easy as scooping ice cream from a tub. And the best part? It also comes with durable grips, so you don’t have to handle the snow directly using your hands. Indeed, it offers an effective and fun way to make snowballs while keeping your hands clean and toasty.

kids playing in the snow


sky blue duck-shaped snowball maker


Take your snowball fights to the next level with this duck-shaped snowball maker

sky blue duck-shaped snowball maker with handles


sky blue duck-shaped snowball maker with grips

Aside from snow, this unique toy is also ideal for sand, clay and even DIY soap or bath bombs. As such, it’s something that children can play with not just during winter but all year round. So, it certainly makes an exciting Christmas or birthday gift for kids, as well as kids at heart! Likewise, it’s a great way to encourage some physical activities and screen time breaks amidst life in lockdown. With this fun toy around, we bet that you and the kids in your household will spend countless hours playing outside.

army of snow ducks


yellow duck-shaped snowball maker


duck-shaped snowball maker


snow ducks on guard rails at university of minnesota


snow ducks army

The duck-shaped snowball mold comes in a variety of fun colors, including yellow, red, pink, sky blue and neon green. Apparently, there are also other shapes available, including a snowman, heart, penguin and plain ball. There’s also another snowman variant with a more detailed design and includes a beanie, eyes, a nose, a mouth and a scarf.

duck-shaped snowball maker with grips


neon green duck-shaped snowball maker


The snowball mold also comes in a variety of shapes, including snowman, heart, penguin and more

snowman plastic mold with grips


snowman and heart plastic mold with grips


This heart-shaped snowball maker is definitely perfect for Valentine’s Day

heart-shaped plastic mold with grips

We’ve found several listings of these fun-shaped snowball makers on Amazon. You can purchase them individually or as a set. Some shops also offer special sets which include assorted snowball makers. So, what are you waiting for? Get yours now and take your snowball fights to the next level!

Source: Amazon