This Mountain Dew Can Pump And Fizz Keeper Will Stop Your Soda Going Flat

Don’t you just hate it when you crack open a can of soda and realize that you can’t actually finish the whole thing right away? It feels like a total waste because you know it’ll be flat by the time your thirst catches up with you again. Well, it seems that this dilemma will now be a thing of the past because the Mountain Dew Can Pump and Fizz Keeper is here! This nifty little gadget just might change the way we enjoy our fizzy drinks forever…

The Mountain Dew Fizz Keeper is an awesome invention by Jokari. Now, most of us may not know this, but the company is actually behind many innovations in the retail sector. But it wasn’t until 2002 that they started making fizz keepers specifically made for soda cans. So if you didn’t know about Jokari and their nifty inventions until now… you’re welcome! (We’re honestly shocked that we didn’t learn about this sooner! Now we can’t help but think of all the unfinished sodas we’ve let go stale…)

soda being poured while the mountain dew can pump and fizz keeper is open


You won’t have to say goodbye to your soda’s fizz anymore with the Mountain Dew Can Pump and Fizz Keeper

As the name suggests, the Mountain Dew Can Pump is meant to preserve the crisp, fizzy flavor of your drink. To do this, all you have to do is secure the gizmo over the can’s lid and pump out the air. Then when you’re feeling a little thirsty, simply open its flip top lid and take a bubbly sip! It’s that easy!

You can literally take this nifty little gizmo anywhere you go – just tuck it into your bag or pocket and you’re all set! (After all, you never really know when you’ll find yourself buying an ice cold can of soda…) And while the can pump comes emblazoned with the Mountain Dew logo, you can use it on literally any standard-sized can. (So you can use it to prolong your Coke’s fizz, but just be ready for that whacky color contrast…)

jokari mountain dew can pump and fizz keeper in packaging


jokari mountain dew can pump and fizz keeper


This fizz-preserving gadget is a definite must-have for soda drinkers

Aside from preserving your soda’s fizziness, the Jokari’s Mountain Dew Can Pump will also prevent your drink from spilling. We’ve all been there – and it’s almost always a disaster when it happens, especially when the soda splashes onto your laptop, work, artwork or clothes! So save yourself from potential catastrophe and get this nifty soda can gadget today. You can order it via Jokari’s website or their Amazon store. Walmart had the can pump listed on their website but it appears to be sold out at the moment. We’re going to take this as a sign that people are buying as many of these as possible. So, hurry and buy your own can pump and fizz keeper today and say good bye to flat soda forever!