These 9 Cable Knit Nail Art Ideas Will Keep Your Fingers Warm In Winter


3D cable knit style nails are the latest trend sweeping through Japan at the moment. The Japanese are famous for their crazy fashion nails and not all designs are as wearable as this one. Once you know how, the technique is actually pretty easy to get right although there are of course so many variations on the design. It might also be an idea to get a friend to help you out as doing your own nails can be pretty tricky if you're less experienced. Take a look at the photos and tutorial below for some inspiration.


The contrast between the blue gloss beside the white textured nails looks amazing!


Why not look to high fashion for inspiration?


These cute pastel nails are lovely!


Why not try alternating patterns and designs?


So many colors and designs!


The gold detailing here is eye-catching yet modest



You can go as crazy as you like with these nail designs!


Wow! These quilted nails must have taken an age to get right.


3D gel is used to create these beautiful patterns.


Check out this tutorial to find out how to get the look!

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