Brilliant Ideas That We Should Seriously Consider Adopting

In these days where technology executes most human chores, it seems like we have everything we need and more. But there are still plenty of clever ideas that we didn’t know are existing somewhere around the world. And these genius concepts could improve our lives exponentially if we learn to adopt them. Some inventive people are developing ideas to simplify our daily lives. And you’ll certainly consider giving them a try. We have collected some brilliant ideas that are definitely worthy of your praise.



This USB flash drive has a built-in storage meter that allows you to see how much space has been used.

Now parents can swing together with their kids.

A fence where you can sit on. So simple yet beautiful and cost effective.

Everybody needs a little push of motivation for doing something in return. And a cup of coffee can do the trick.

It’s about time we get the air out of tires.

This is how to make traffic lights more visible. Plus it looks prettier than the usual, especially at night.

If you’re one of those germophobes who always avoid touching doorknobs for the fear of germs contact, you can now use your feet to open doors. Thanks to this clever idea.

You may think that we already have everything in this life but let’s admit that life would be a whole lot easier if we adopted some of these brilliant ideas.



Not a single drop of water goes to waste with this water fountain. Water flows down to a bowl where dogs can drink too.

Bearing the same concept as the previous one, this elevator allows the use of feet to press (or kick) these buttons.

It’s good to let them know before it’s too late.

This medicine cap has a timer that tells you how long since it was last opened. This is extremely useful if you need to take this medicine at specific times a day.

This may look like a weird-looking post. But those tubes as actually peepholes that let you see particular mountains in this part of Switzerland.

As you can notice, the call button for these elevators are installed 30 feet away so that the doors would be open when you get to them.

This toothpaste lists down the name of its ingredients, where they came from, and what they do.

A mat that allows strollers and wheelchairs to move along on the beach.