Money Saving Hacks That Are Hilariously Silly

The Internet is full of posts that tell us of innovative ways to make our money last longer. Some of these are practical and simple, others pure genius. However, people are also prone to posting so-called money saving ‘hacks’ that seem to take the whole idea just that little bit too far. The time required to make them work may be far greater than the few cents you’ll save. Or, the completed money saving project may result in something that’s just too shameful to be seen with! You’ll see what we mean when you check out the below 13 hilariously silly money saving hacks!

Would you be seen riding this DIY motorbike?

We didn’t think the handle was the expensive part of the razor? Oh well.

An inventive use for ‘Pringles’ but, really?

Not quite what we imagined when you say a cheap spa pool.

One way to fix a windscreen crack, sort of!

Who wants to go to this extreme to save on plumbing costs?

Inventive but ridiculous all the same!

This ridiculous DIY shelving probably involved stealing!

Health and safety, people!

Again… health and safety!

Any wheels will do, apparently.

Was this really worth the effort?

Let’s all just leave our houses and set up like this!

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