Someecards For Couples That Will Make Your Other Half Smile

We’re sure that anyone reading this will have seen more than one Someecard in their time. In fact, you can hardly scroll half a page on Facebook or Twitter without seeing about twenty. But, just because they’re all over social media, it doesn’t mean they’re tired or unfunny. Quite the opposite, actually! There are many hilarious Someecards out there covering all kinds of topics from love to work to friendships and much more. Today, we’re going to focus on those relating to romantic relationships, as we’ve got a collection of cards that might be suitable to send to your partner. Check out these fourteen Someecards that will make your other half smile.

Someecards For Couples That Will Make Your Other Half Smile

Wow. So romantic!


That’s… well, sunshine is nice, at least!


In this day and age, that’s practically tantamount to saying you want to have someone’s babies.


That is a lot!


A logical next step.


High praise indeed!


Well, that’s certainly a colorful description, at least.


Here’s hoping!


That’s when you know things are getting serious.


A legit reason not to break up.


That’s what Facebook’s for, isn’t it?


Aww. How sweet!


You know you’ve got a good thing going when you can do nothing together.


That’s at least half nice. At least.

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