This Grocery Bag Holder Lets You Carry Multiple Bags Without Tearing Your Hands Up

Save your fingers from the pain of carrying heavy plastic bags with this handy grocery bag handle. Shopping is an essential task that also involves carrying shopping bags in hand. Although most plastic bags have carry handles, the thin plastic strips combined with the hefty weight, can hurt the fingers. Some people even feel numbness and tingling in their fingers after carrying loads of heavy plastic bags. The truth is, there’s a thing called ‘plastic bag syndrome’ which is mainly characterized by discomfort and pain in the fingers and palms caused by the thin flexible strip handles of plastic bags. Add the weight and they all put pressure to the finger nerves that may result to pinched upper extremity nerves along with the associated symptoms.

Carrying shopping bags may be a mundane task but it can potentially damage the nerves in your fingers. And if left unchecked, it may lead to digital artery conditions or severe finger injury. Free yourself (and your fingers) from the burden with the help of this grocery bag handle. This simple tool will hold the thin handles of the plastic bags for you. Hence, it reduces the risk of pinched nerve in your fingers. Featuring an ergonomic design and comfortable grip, it protects your hands from the pressure of carrying heavy objects. All this while lessening the load to make the task easier for you.


Grocery Bag Holder

grocery bag handle

This grocery bag handle has sturdy hooks on each side. Secure the plastic bags by placing them into the hooks. Then hold the comfort grip to carry all the plastic bags at once. This useful gadget uses weight distribution technology that allows you to carry heavy items in your hand without dropping or slippage. Not just for plastic bags, you can also use it to carry just about anything – from industrial buckets and fishing gears to propane tanks and agricultural sacks. This ergonomic tool can literally ‘handle’ anything.

grocery bag handle uses


ergonomic item holder


grocery bag handle on propane tanks

This grocery bag handle is made of 100% recyclable plastic and they come in a pack of 2 to reduce the burden from both your hands. So, you can carry more heavy items in one trip. Each handle can carry up to 100 lbs of weight and comes in colors red, blue, and purple.

ergonomic grocery bag handle


ergonomic item carrier weight distribution


ergonomic item holder blue


“They definitely reduce the number of trips I have to take up my stairs carrying groceries from the car. They are strong and seem very sturdy.”, one satisfied buyer wrote. “Easier on hands carrying 4 gallons of paint at a time especially up the stairs. Highly recommend.”, another buyer wrote.

ergonomic item carrier



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ergonomic item carrier industrial buckets


grocery bag handle propane tanks

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